New Mexico

Anasazi World Heritage Tour

with Brian K.

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Brian K.

This is a tour of the Chaco Culture World Heritage Site, a major center of Pueblo culture between 850 and 1250. Chaco Canyon is remarkable for its monumental public and ceremonial buildings and architecture, unlike anything constructed before or since. As we explore the deep spiritual and cultural significance of the Anasazis there will be opportunities for incredible photos, videos and self-discovery. Visitors often experience a deep feeling of magic and mystery that can be life changing.

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Brian K.

I am a professional listed artist, photographer, writer, content creator and designer with over three decades in the business. I love looking for adventure with my camera and metal detector, visiting historic and other interesting places and going off the main trail to the secret sites that thrill me. Treasure hunting is always on the bill as I am an avid hunter of lost loot and meteorites. I am hoping to find Cortez's lost gold! Will you be with me when that happens? Full profile Leave a Review

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