Reviews for Discover Positano

Mark V.

What an amazing experience to be immersed into such a beautiful city by such a knowledgeable and engaging person. Christine had it all covered. From the minute we met for our three hour tour Christina gave us the all the information we needed to feel like a local. From understanding the town's amazing history, to selecting the right ceramics, linen clothing, sandals - even down to choosing the right type of lemons - which are a signature of the city. We experienced a couple of churches with amazing history (all Catholic as you'd expect) yet with enough information to intrigue and not bore those less interested. We also met Vincenzo, Christine's somellier husband who conducted a discussion on different types of wine (they also run a separate wine tasting night) and sampled a range of local quality cheeses and salami. Christine was so full of information and willing to share her own personal insights that by the end she seemed like a friend to all. I recommend this tour as an absolute must for anyone visiting this awesome destination.

Vicki B.

Christine's tour was a great introduction to Positano and the Amalfi Coast. She's a local and knows everything and everyone going on in the town. It was very charming to see every shopkeeper greet her. It's about a 3-hour tour starting at the center of town and covers a bit of history of Positano, the Amalfi Coast, and tips on the local shopping choices (shoes, clothes, ceramics). Part of the tour also involves stopping at her family's store for a cheese/olive/salumi tasting, which was delicious. Christine is very personable and dynamic and really conveys her passion about living in Positano on the tour. If you enjoy stopping into stores and understanding differences between local artisan products and knockoffs and meeting shop-keepers, this tour is perfect. We are personally huge history nerds rather than shoppers so the tour of all the shops was a bit too long on the shopping and a little short on the history, but Christine still did a great job covering all the main points of Positano Coast history such as where the name of the town came from, the highlights of the churches, and the Saracen invaders.

Sara H.

We met up with Christine for a tour of Positano and I was expecting a lot of history this and architecture that. What I was not expecting was hearing "Ciao Christine" from every shopkeeper, local and tourist alike. This woman knows the whole town and used that to create a remarkable tour that leaves an indelible impression. **DETAILS** - Tour includes historical details on the city, it's founding, name etc, shopping info (how to spot fake coral, how much to pay for hand-made sandals), and food tastings. - The tour has a lot of walking and you will want to bring a bottle of water. Don't worry though, there are some times to sit down. - You will get to meet some great shop keepers and other locals that makes the tour more personal and helps you feel connected to this amazing city - The tours are kept small so you are not lost in a crowd and can always hear. OVERALL: Christine is just a wonderful person. She is helpful and beyond the tour took time to offer advice on hotels, dinner and even proffered the card of a massage therapist when someone complained of a sore back. This is the PERFECT thing to do on your first day in the city. Armed with Christine's "do this, not that" advice you may even be inspired to extend your time in the city. For instance, did you know that there are two "private" beaches a quick & free boat ride from the main beach where the deck chairs are almost 1/2 the price--we never would have known to visit them if it weren't for the tour! LASTLY Christine also does a wine tasting on select evenings so be sure to ask about them!