Reviews for A Farmer’s Marketable Feast

Eli C.

Sheila has a wonderful, accommodating personality! I really felt likeI was just a friend in town, and she was showing us around. She's also got a great eye for finding great eats at the market, and gave me the courage to purchase those vegetables and fruits that I can never tell what are :P I definitely recommend this for some one wanting to do it like a local and visit the [in my opinion] the best food market in America.

Ken M.

A very enjoyable experience with a charming hostess Sheila who guides us through a personal shopping tour, meeting and talking to all the vendors and learning about the key ingredients of our gourmet feast. We enjoyed a short stroll along the water front from the Farmers Market to Sheila's apartment where we were treated to local beers from the neighborhood 21st Amendment brewery. Sheila then prepared a three course Mediterranean luncheon served with another special beer, wine was an option. The experienced was enhanced by being able to work in Sheila's kitchen with her in prepping ingredients for our meal. We highly recommend this for adventurous souls. Ken and Jess

Etan B.

I wanted to explore San Francisco's culinary scene without having to go to a restaurant. Sheila brought us to the awesome farmer's marktet at the Ferry Building and had us hang out with her farmer homies. Seriously, everyone knew her sparkling face from a mile away. Once we got an in-depth review of our veggies and meats, we cooked a ridiculously fabulous meal consisting of stuffed squash, bison and homemade peach cobbler.

Nichole M.

We had such an incredible day at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market thanks to Sheila's incredible energy, positivity, and love of all things fresh and local. Sheila knows all of the farmers and purveyors and they were more than happy to give us an education (and lots of samples) on all of their gorgeous produce. Who knew lettuce could be so fun?! Afterward, we had a nice walk back to sheila's home where she then showed us how to combine our fresh veggies and meats to make a delicious 4 course lunch. I left stuffed and having learned so much about where our meal had come from!

Becca J.

We had a blast! Sheila set us out on a tasty and educational Farmer’s Market adventure. We met the farmers, sampled great produce, and learned fun food facts along the way (who knew avocados were so fussy?). After the market, we went back to Sheila’s awesome pad and prepared a delicious feast! I ate so much that I had to take a siesta when I got home. Sheila's a wonderful host and guide. You’ll feel like you are in the company of a great friend showing you around the city.

Allin C.

This was my first Vayable event and it was even more fun than I thought it would be. I'm new to the bay area so not only was it great to be able to meet new people who are locals, it was nice to all be served a ridiculously good lunch (prepared by Sheila with a little help from us)! I'm definitely hooked on Vayable and am anxious to see what I can find to do next weekend...

June L.

Going to the Farmer's Market and cooking with Sheila is something that everyone should experience, without question. She was so sweet, accommodating all of our dietary restrictions and connecting with the farmers in advance so that they would be amenable to talking to us. You get to talk to awesome farmers, get the scoop on what ingredients are best, cook delicious food, and make new friends! We made a zucchini goat cheese roll, salad with grilled shrimp, garbanzo bean dough flat bread pizzas, and peach crumble with green tea. So scrumptious!

Jamie W.

First off, Sheila is awesome and she turned what some people might consider a chore (shopping and cooking) into a memorable, fun and amazing day. We chatted with several of the farmers (Sheila seemed to know most of them!) at SF's famous Ferry Building saturday market and learned tons--from how to eat and cook a peach to the avocado conundrum (why farmers can't sell them by the pound). We then walked to Sheila's incredible apartment in SOMA cooked it up and enjoyed amazing food and company on her beautiful outdoor patio. A day to remember!