Paris, France

Private Montmartre Tour

with Alex T.

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Alex T.

Trust a native to show you why Picasso, Van Gogh and Edith Piaf made Montmartre their home. Explore the eccentric lifestyles of current and former residents, discover why the locals are so proud of their peculiar vineyard and enjoy the romance of Montmartre – and do not miss the best view of Paris.

Your guide is a native Parisian who knows what it’s like to live in Paris – and is prepared to share with you how to enjoy the city to the full, from tourist attractions to eating out and from shopping to strolling light-footed.

You will visit -

Moulin Rouge and The Cabaret of The Assassins
Sacré Coeur church and artists’ square
The enviable house of singer Dalida
Windmills and vineyards
Paris’ most celebrated 360° view

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Alex T.

Parisian from head to toes, I studied at the Sorbonne University before starting this tourism experience. The son of an antiques dealer, I'll give you all the tricks I know to make great findings and to enjoy to the hilt our amazing Flea Market. Full profile

7 Reviews

Odette C.

It was a very informative tour! My children had fun with him! Odette

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