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Mention the words “South Philly” and almost everyone immediately pictures the Italian Market. Yet, nestled in and around the market is a treasure trove of outstanding Asian and Mexican culinary delights! Treat your taste buds to an exotic journey that will open your eyes to these rich flavors and vibrant cultures. Yes, the food is fantastic, but the highlight for most guests is the visit to the Buddhist temple. This tour is as great for first-time visitors to the neighborhood as it is for those who think they know the Italian Market inside out!

This 3-hour adventure is serving up enough delicious (not scary) food for lunch; fascinating insight into Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian and Mexican food traditions; and a generous side of humor. Tours are led by one of the owners of City Food Tours, who is well-versed in international food traditions.

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Originally from New York, Robert moved to Philadelphia 23 years ago to attend the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Japanese (blame the movie "Shogun"). While at Penn, he attended the New York Restaurant School and graduated with honors. He subsequently attended classes at the International Pastry Arts Center in N. White Plains, NY. After completing his degree at Penn, he spent time studying in Japan (and eating everything in sight!) Upon returning to the U.S., Robert fulfilled his dream of becoming a restaurateur and opened Beyond Measure in Center City with his sister, and founder of City Food Tours, Joyce Weinberg. Having grown up in a kosher home and becoming a vegetarian 8 years ago, he is very knowledgeable in various religious and cultural dietary customs and appreciates and accommodates people from different culinary backgrounds. Full profile Leave a Review

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