Warrenton, Virginia

Skydiver for a Day

with Joe G.

Joe G.

See what it's like to be a skydiver for a day! Learn how to pack a parachute, how to fly a plane full of skydivers, how to fly a parachute - you'll get an experience like no other - including a tandem skydive with video and still pictures!

Fly copilot in a $2m aircraft designed from the ground up to fly jumpers. Pack a $15k parachute and then jump it (if you're brave enough!). Pull the ripcord, fly the parachute.

This is an experience you'll never forget!

Expect to spend most of the day at the dropzone. You'll be packing, flying, and skydiving for a few hours. It will all take place on a private air strip. You can bring a picnic or BBQ if you like - the place is all yours.

We start at 8am sharp and you should be done mid-afternoon. Keep in mind, we are weather dependent, so rain and/or clouds will force us to reschedule.

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