Alameda, California

Build a Burning Man Art Car

with Greg B.

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Greg B.

Join the montly crew of my burning man camp members and friends as we hammer, weld, shape and adorn a life-size sea vessel into existence for this year's burning man. You'll be dazzled by historic Alameda's sun and hear of past tales from art car building and burning man from years past. We'll grill some lunch and enjoy our progress and discuss the afternoon's plans for making this year's dream art car a reality.

Lunch, tools, safety equipment and instruction from an experiences terrestrial ship captain.

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Greg B.

I'm a Bay Area native dedicated to constructing an art car for burning man that's more glorious that the previous years. I also build penny farthing bicycles that are used in movies and shows all over the world. When I'm not building unique and functional art, I captain a boat that traverses the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco to observe great white sharks. Full profile

2 Reviews

Katie J.

Helping Greg and his camp mates with the art car was fun! We used Greg's drawing to help transform the RV into a functioning land ship! I also liked learning about Greg's hi wheels (old fashioned bicycle) that he makes in the shop next to the art car. We had a huge feast after making some progress. It was good times all around.

Vayable T.

This experience is other worldly. It's a great way to learn more about burning man culture while actually contributing to it. Greg is also an camp organizer, so he'd be an ideal person for advice for people unfamiliar and curious about the epic desert event.

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