Reviews for Alternative Moscow Experience

Elizabeth H.

Sadly are calendars didn't match and we weren't able to meet up. I'm writing because Anton continued to help us with our itinerary even though we were able to take his tour.. Anton gave us suggestions for restaurants and important information that helped us see Moscow.

Julien B.

I had the opportunity to meet Alena & Anton end of october for a walktrough of Moscow city and it was really a memorable experience. They really show you Moscow a different way you are used to see the city. You walk in streets you would never have been, see building and notice details you would never have seen and they really share with you their love and knowledge of the city, its habits and customs. And don't worry, if its cold, there is always a way to get warmer in Moscow. Just keep in mind, if you want to see Red Square and Arbatskaya, you will be disapointed, but if you want to enjoy a different experience you should definitely ask them.