Reviews for Soho Food Adventure (London Food Tour)

Ed W.

Sakhr did an excellent job with this tour. He was friendly, polite, and showed us a number of great spots in Soho with great food. We ordered just a few small plates at each location and even though I began the tour quite hungry, we ended very satisfied. However I loved the fact that Sakhr mixed in the history of Soho along the way- stopping to point out some various locales with historic significance and explaining some of the reasons and events that have helped shaped Soho into the neighborhood it is today. Forget the buses and the big groups with the yellow umbrella to follow- this is a great way to peel back the onion a layer or two and see the city for what it truly is.


I've done several tours in London all with different agencies and the tour with Sakhr couldn't be any better, it was the best tour I had. We were in two solo travellers plus him as a guide and it was terrific. He was like our old friend showing us the best places to eat around while exploring Soho area and the fact we were only two in the group was so advantageous and enjoyable. Thanks Sakhr

Nick M.

What a wonderful way to spend an evening in London’s Soho district! I met up with Sakhr at Piccadilly Circus, and 10 minutes later we were eating our way through Soho’s many restaurants. Along the way, Sakhr would share his vast knowledge about the food we were eating as well as background information on Soho. In my travels, the food and sites of different cities and towns are best experienced through the intimate knowledge of the locals, and my evening tour of Soho with Sakhr reinforced that. Before the evening ended, Sakhr suggested a few itineraries I should complete for my last few days in London. He even took the time to email me the itineraries later that evening. If you’re a foodie like I am, I highly recommend this tour. Thank you Sakhr for a fun evening and making my trip to London a memorable one.

Ben S.

This was a fantastic afternoon. Sakhr is a friendly guy who knows his food! We enjoyed our time walking around Soho, learning more about its history and of course stopping into the 5 places for samples of different cuisine. The dessert places certainly warrant another visit (especially the cupcake place!) Although we had already been in London for a few days we had not wandered into Soho, as it's kind of hidden away from the main tourist drag. I really recommend this tour to learn more about Soho and have some great food. Sakhr is a great guy who made the afternoon work really well. Thanks mate!

Anthony T.

Sakhr was the perfect guide! Not only did he take me to some very cool and hip restaurants with delicious food, but also gave a short but thorough history lesson on Soho. Besides walking away satiated, I also gained a lot of knowledge on how Soho became the area that it is today. Very glad that I signed up for this one, will have to redo the tour the next time I'm in London so that I can taste "the best gelato in London"!

Sami B.

A real pleasure to spend this sunny Sunday afternoon with Sakhr, we walked around, we savored, we learned. Soho represented for me the heart of the London touristic area. But in the end, I never really entered this historic quarter of London. Sakhr knew how to open our eyes on the essence of Soho through its history and gastronomy. I recommend this tour and Sakhr words, which will make you travel.

Kate T.

I really enjoyed my tour with Sakhr. To describe him I’d say he is a passionate foodie who stays on the cutting edge of the London culinary scene seeking out the best of the best. He showed me an impeccably curated and tasty view of London that I had no idea existed. For example, instead of checking out Borough Market – a destination packed with tourists that you’ll find in every guidebook - he showed me a new burgeoning market just around the corner. The market was an eclectic mix of top-notch street food that blew me away. From silky coffee beverages and fresh-out-of-the-oven donuts to sashimi-like smoked salmon, fresh lobster and Cornish beef cooked over an open flame and gourmet cocktails, I was in heaven. And I just loved how it seemed that I was the only non-Londoner there. Beyond being my own personal ambassador to the best and surprisingly inexpensive food in London, Sakhr provided a wealth of information about the city. He also happens to be a really great guy. I highly recommend his tours.