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Malta is tiny. The population of the entire country is smaller than that of Omaha, and while we’re huge fans of all things Nebraskan, when it comes to, say, medieval old towns, stone-age temples, sandy beaches or fantastic Mediterranean cuisine, there’s only one winner. Jin knows Malta inside-out, outside-in and probably upside-down too if you ask nicely, and he’ll ensure you get an local’s perspective on this fascinating and little-known corner of Europe.

No open-top bus tours, no crowded boat trips, no holes burnt in your wallet - here's the perfect island tour

See all of the best sights of Malta in 3-5 days. Wander around the capital city of Valletta, experience the eerie silence inside the walled city of Mdina, chill out on the finest sandy beaches which the island has to offer, take a short boat trip into the spectacular "Blue Grotto" and eat traditional Maltese snacks along the way!

Alternatively, you can pick a couple of the above options and fit it into one day for just $30 per person.

Valletta, Mdina, Blue Grotto, Paradise Bay/Golden Bay/ Ghajn Tuffieha, Dingli Cliffs

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Let me show you the hidden treasures and sites of Malta without the usual chaos involved in exploring the island. No open top bus tours, no crowded boat trips, no holes burnt in your wallet...I'll provide you with an island tour with a personal touch at a reasonable rate! Full profile

13 Reviews

Anne M.

My boyfriend and I have experienced Malta with Jin. We had tremendous fun experiencing Malta and its sights this way. Jin never failed to keep it interesting and his stories and jokes entertained us throughout. I recommend booking this tour or parts of it. Why see Malta the boring way if you can have fun doing it with someone who has lived there yet has the background of someone who is so well travelled?

Jo J.

Me and my partner Lee, went to visit Jin last year and we had an absoulety fantastic time! We only stayed a few days but Jin made sure that we had all our time filled! We went to Il-Karnival ta’ Malta (or Malta Carnival in english) which is a famous carnival held every year - it was amazing to see all the people dancing around in fancy dress and to watch the parade of symbolic floats pass through the town. We even took a horse and kart ride through the town and were allowed to sit all the way at the front with the driver :)  Jin knew all the best places to take us for food, drink, relaxing days at the spa and beautiful scenic walks - we even experienced a night out in Valletta which was so much fun for me as I love to dance. He always made sure that we were doing something that we would enjoy! I could sit here and talk for ages about the whole trip and what a truly wonderful experience we had in just a few days, but all I can say is that I honestly can't wait until we get to visit again, and i cant wait to see what splendours Jin has up his sleeve for us this time. Absoluety fantastic Jin! Thank you so much :-)

Kirti M.

We had great time in Malta last year and I am sure it was thanks to Jin. On the first day he took us to the spa, where we could relax, unwind and get ready to enjoy the next few days. We visited several places which I am sure we would not have managed if Jin had not taken us. It was fantastic 4 days with knowledge, fun, memorable scenery & jokes!! Jin knew all the best places to take us for food, drink, specially being a vegetarian. I am looking forward to visiting Malta in October to enjoy another experience with Jin as my guide. See you soon Jin

Reena V.

I had a truly fantastic Malta experience with Jin. He took us to all the main tourist attractions aswell as his own founded, hidden, untouched attractions. His knowledge on the history and facts about the places he took us to was outstanding. Jin took us to a great restaurant where he recommended the local cuisine which was mouth wateringly good. I would recommend this trip to anyone. It's a fun, action packed trip and Jin's witty sense of humour makes the day fly by. :)


Malta is a great place for a holiday, and I'm so glad that I'm not one of the many tourists that misses out on all of the hidden treasures. Jin's ideas can cater for all tastes and he went to great lengths to make sure that we got the full Maltese experience. If you want to see Malta properly, get in touch with Jin. You won't regret it.