Reviews for Made in Dublin

Steven D.

My wife and I only had a limited amount of time in Dublin and we asked Emily to help us make the best of our time. And she did! She showed us some of the best parts of Dublin, which after touring most of Ireland later that week we realized she knew all the best shops, restaurants, and sights to see in all of Ireland. Emily is very friendly, easy to talk to and communicate with ahead of time as our trip was very last minute and she was very accommodating. All of our best eating and shopping was done in Dublin and that was thanks to Emily. She showed us the best parts both well-known and the less-known of Dublin and it made for a great experience. I highly recommend going through Dublin with Emily!

Anne D.

I had a super short stay in Dublin and Emily helped make the most of it. She knew all the great spots, and with a great twist of Irish design. We met some designers too who showed us their work. I saw places I wouldn't have been able to see without a local. Emily is super friendly and welcoming, and it was a pure delight to get to see Dublin through her eyes. Now I want to go back and explore more!! Definitely recommending to all my friends!