Reviews for Create Light Graffiti

Courtney H.

Elena was wonderful! She was very patient, easy to understand and flexible with the girls ideas. (I brought 6 of my girls from my Junior Girl Scout troop!) Every girls idea was heard and every girl had the chance to let her creativity show! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!! It was an evening of fun and creativity that we had never before experienced and the pictures will help us remember the fun forever. Thank you Elena!!

Quinn C.

I went on this tour with my girlfriend and we had a great time. Towards the end we started lacking creativity on fun things to do with the lights, but overall we really enjoyed our time. Although it's a great date, it may be easier to come up with ideas if you go with a larger group (or just come prepared with ideas for your graffiti).

Akel C.

Recently visited San Francisco with my family and we had the opportunity to take part in the unique activity of light graffiti. Just as I suspected, my daughters (8 and 11) and my wife had an absolute blast. You're only limited by your imagination. Elena does a great job of giving you ideas and she is really friendly. She even did the research to find a park near our location which I really appreciated since we weren't from the area. We'd definitely do it again.

Kesav M.

This was awesome. We had a pretty large group, and had a ton of fun. Highly recommend it.

Abby L.

Elena was a lot of fun. Very friendly and easy going. Light Graffiti was an exciting, easy, and creative thing to do. I highly recommend signing up with Elena and taking your friends and family along!

June L.

I made light graffiti with Elena with some of my friends, and it was a blast! At first we were unsure about what to create but Elena gave some good suggestions, and our creative juices started to flow. I now have some awesome pictures to share! The Facebook album that I created got the most likes out of all the albums I've ever created! Thanks, Elena!