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Stefan A.

Brought to you by SF Intercom, a survival guide for bands. I have been helping bands survive since forever, and now I will help you navigate the SF music scene. Whether you're from out of town or a local, I'll make it so that you can get into the coolest gigs and experience music like you've never done so before. Join me for a shot of Makers, a can of Rockstar energy drink, and a concert by one of my favorite local bands. Please let me know about your music preferences so I can plan accordingly!

1 Shot of Makers Mark, 1 Can of Rockstar, 1 Ticket to a Rock Show

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Stefan A.

I used to cut my own hair, I did that for about 3 or 4 years. I cut mow-hawks, mullets, mustaches... I did this because I hated getting a bad hair cut and then fixing it at home anyway! My advice... don't get your hair cut by bald men... they hate you for your beautiful hair! I do a lot! I'm Kind of a crazy! Check it out: Full profile

3 Reviews

June L.

Stefan is an consultant and branding ambassador who helps bands get their start, so he is always in the know about the best gigs, whether they're mainstream or super underground. He's a fun and whacky guy who is always down to do anything on a whim. If you're lucky and he knows the band, you'll even get the insider treatment that only normally comes with being in the "scene" for years. We had so much fun!

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