Reviews for Homeless for a Day

Dr D.

This sounds like a fantastic thing, Milton ... I see a lot of homeless people and there's no doubt their lives are incredibly hard ... I hope this is a HUGE success, and it helps you stabilize your situation ... homelessness is a terrible thing that too many people - in SF / the US / the whole world - have no choice but to face ... good luck ...

Vayable T.

Milton is extremely knowledgeable about the history, economics, and culture of homelessness in San Francisco. He will tour you around his own stomping grounds in the Tenderloin with insight and care, and give you a truly insider understanding of the neighborhood that rests in the heart of San Francisco. This experience is not for the faint of heart and we suggest bringing a friend or two along if you are unfamiliar with this part of San Francisco.

Jamie W.

Milton guided us through the key landmarks of the tenderloin that inform his and many others' experience living without in San Francisco: from soup kitchens to shelters, the police station and learning centers, children centers, and more. Milton's stories and the sites of this tour were sometimes devastating, to be sure, but the experience of learning about his life from the inside, rather than passing through on a double-decker bus, was inspiring for everybody that knowledge can lead to empowerment and change.

June L.

I went on this tour and worked in a soup kitchen with Milton, and he is such an amazingly inspiring, friendly, vibrant, and imaginative person. Even though he's homeless, he volunteers at GLIDE and helps to feed others who are also in need. He embodies what Vayable is: he has a unique perspective and gives you access to a world many people have strong opinions about yet do not understand. After spending a day with Milton, you'll understand the day-to-day on the streets, the chronic issues that prevent progress, and what it's really about.