San Francisco, California

Walk on the Wild Side Hike

with Alexandra K.

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Alexandra K.

Let’s face it – you’re too cool for a tour bus.

Now you can make the most of San Francisco’s unique geography and history by going on an urban hiking tour! Urban hiking gets you killer views with your workout while you explore the secret stairways, hilltop views, and hiking trails of San Francisco. Whether you’ve been in San Francisco for 10 minutes, 10 days, or 10 years, you’re guaranteed to see something new.

On our 4.5 mile tour, you’ll visit:
• Two almost-off-the-map parks that only the neighbors know
• 70-acre Glen Canyon Park, which at one time housed a US’s first dynamite factory; a zoo with bears and monkeys; attractions like a tightrope walker; and a beer garden!
• Billy Goat Hill - home to an awesome rope swing
• 250-step Harry Stair, my personal favorite stairway in the city
• Other stairways including the Valley Street steps, Castro Street steps, and Onique Lane

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Alexandra K.

Originally from New Jersey, I've lived in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Paris. While living in New York in 2004, I took a vacation to San Francisco and realized I didn't want to come home. It took three years, but I finally moved to San Francisco in 2007. When I bought my one-way ticket out west, my father bought me a copy of Adah Bakalinsky's book "Stairway Walks of San Francisco". At the time, I worked an hour outside the city during the week, so on weekends and inspired by the Stairway Walks book, I would take off to explore my new home on foot. One fateful day, a native San Franciscan friend brought me on a walk to the Embarcadero via the Vallejo and Filbert Street Steps. I loved the views afforded by the stairways, I loved the exercise I got from climbing them, and I loved how they seemed to be a secret to most. From that moment on, I was hooked on urban hiking. I love finding new secret spots in the city and now I want to share my findings with you! Full profile

27 Reviews


I've lived in San Francisco for years, and Alex still managed to show me several beautiful hidden spots. An urban hike is a perfect way to experience the diverse landscape of the city, from busy commercial districts, to quiet residential streets, to tranquil parks and wilderness. Being on foot we could really see everything, from interesting neighborhood characters to architectural...


On January 19th I went on a hike. This hike was such a great experience. From scheduling it to the time it ended. She was very accommodating and she made the hike an enjoyable one. She is very informative of what you will be needing on the hike as well. My boyfriend and I went on this hike and loved it. We weren't aware of the many secret places you could find and hike through. We got to see the city from so many different angles and got to learn so much more about the city as well. You pretty much feel like a kid exploring the city and its secret passage ways. I am definitely looking forward to more hikes with Alex. She is so sweet and you can tell that she is passionate about the city.


A friend invited me to do a hike with her this past weekend, and I'm SO glad she did! What a GREAT time it was. A fantastic workout whether you're totally in shape or haven't worked out in a while. The pace was just right. And the paths we took were filled with the most wonderful "hidden" neighborhood stairs and architecture. Alexandra shared the most interesting historical bits and funny stories about San Francisco and some of its more noteworthy inhabitants! Alexandra is, by far and bar none, the most AMAZING "tour guide" I've ever experienced. She is so comfortable, very knowledgeable, is ALWAYS smiling, is considerate and patient. Even though there were 11 people in our hiking group, she gave personal attention to each one of us. I can't wait to do another hike with Alexandra! I'm going to give one of her hikes to my best friend for her birthday this year, too!

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