San Francisco, California

Hike the Presidio

with Alexandra K.

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Alexandra K.

Let's face it - you're too cool for a tour bus.

Make the most of San Francisco’s unique geography and history by going on an urban hiking tour! Urban hiking gets you killer views with your workout while you explore the secret stairways, hilltop views, and hiking trails of San Francisco. Whether you’ve been in San Francisco for 10 minutes, 10 days, or 10 years, you’re guaranteed to see something new.

On our 5 mile tour, you’ll:
+ Get your sweat on on the Lyon Street Steps
+ Walk the line on Andy Goldsworthy's Wood Line
+ Fall in love with Lover's Lane
+ Find inspiration at Inspiration Point
+ Find inSPIREation at Andy Goldsworthy's Spire
+ Connect with history at the National Cemetery Overlook
+ Stroll the Ecology Trail
...and much, much more!

Please note: Gratuity is not included in the ticket price. Your tour guide greatly appreciates your recognition of a job well done!

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Alexandra K.

Originally from New Jersey, I've lived in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Paris. While living in New York in 2004, I took a vacation to San Francisco and realized I didn't want to come home. It took three years, but I finally moved to San Francisco in 2007. When I bought my one-way ticket out west, my father bought me a copy of Adah Bakalinsky's book "Stairway Walks of San Francisco". At the time, I worked an hour outside the city during the week, so on weekends and inspired by the Stairway Walks book, I would take off to explore my new home on foot. One fateful day, a native San Franciscan friend brought me on a walk to the Embarcadero via the Vallejo and Filbert Street Steps. I loved the views afforded by the stairways, I loved the exercise I got from climbing them, and I loved how they seemed to be a secret to most. From that moment on, I was hooked on urban hiking. I love finding new secret spots in the city and now I want to share my findings with you! Full profile

27 Reviews


The hike through the Presidio was absolutely breathtaking. Alexandra will bring you through paths that you would normally not cross if you were to go on hikes yourself. It was an easy meeting point and a great way to explore the neighborhoods of San Francisco. There were viewpoints that overlooked the entire San Francisco and the most beautiful parts of the city. I highly recommend this tour if anyone is looking to be away from the busy city center and enjoy the less urbanized parts of the bay area.


This hike was fabulous from the first step to the end! I was amazed at all the beautiful views, hidden stairways and gorgeous homes we saw along the way. I grew up in the bay area and never knew SF had so many wonderful hidden secrets. Alex was great. She knows her stuff. She matched her pace to our needs and challenged us knowing we were up for it. What a way to get some exercise and take in the beautiful sights I may have never seen. Thank you so much Alex!

June L.

If you go to San Francisco and don't go on Alexandra's amazing Presidio hike, you will be disappointed! We went to the SF National Cemetery, where we were surrounded by the graves of fallen soldiers all uniform in a row juxtaposed against the glory of the Golden Gate Bridge. The highlight of the trip was seeing two of Andy Goldsworthy's art structures made from elements in the natural landscape. Alexandra's anecdotes about life in San Francisco, the tech scene, and latest happenings make it feel more like hanging out with a long-lost friend than going on a tour with a stranger. Highly recommend!

Matthew L.

I was lucky enough to be on Alexandra's inaugural tour and it was such a fun experience. This is a beautiful part of the city boasting stunning views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, incredible artwork (Andy Goldsworthy's tree art is amazing), fascinating history, humongous millionaires' houses, and great trails for easy hiking. Alexandra is a fantastic guide - she's not only passionate and knowledgeable, but she's great company and it's a pleasure spending time with her.

Fahd B.

This was a great hiking tour as it had a perfect mix of interesting people, sights, attractions and actual hiking. As an amateur photographer I really enjoyed all the great photo ops that I never knew existed in the Presidio. There is so much to explore in the area as there are miles and miles of trails and this is a really good intro to urban hiking in SF. Our guide was knowledgeable, fun, great conversationalist, and well-organized - and we had an awesome group of people as well! So book this tour now; it is absolutely worth it!

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