Reviews for Unique View of Rio De Janeiro

Estefanía L.

The Dois Irmãos hike was probably the highlight of my 5-day stay in Rio. Edu and I took a van up to Vidigal and made our way first through the favela and then up the trail, as the sun was slowly preparing to set over Rio. As we twisted and turned through the lush green, we kept catching glimpses of bits and pieces of this amazing city. The final reward of course was the spectacular view once we got to the top - 360 degrees of absolutely incredible stunning views. Edu was the perfect guide; he knew the trail really well, told me stories along the way, and helped me up some of the steeper parts. Make sure you have good sneakers, don't go with flip flops! Definitely 100% worth it. Thanks for this unforgettable experience.

Dom W.

What a great hike! The view is really spectacular. If you're in Rio for a couple of days I really recommend this hike. You get to experience a little bit of favela life along with wonderful nature! Eduardo is a great guide who gives you lots of insider information. remember your camera!

Benjamin D.

If I wrote the tag line for this tour it would be "Ride a motorcycle through a favela on your way to spectacular heights." It was fascinating to see the favela up close. We were very impressed by the number police and the number of new satellite dishes we saw. Edu has spent a lot of time around favelas. As for the hike, I am in just ok shape, probably 10 pounds .. Okay 20 pounds overweight. It's a hard hot hike but its doable. As for edu, the I think he would give these tours for free if Bayable didn't exist.

Paulo G.

This trail is unbelievable. I have been to Rio several times and have seen some nice views of zona sul, but nothing even remotely compares to the views you get from the top of the 2 irmaos. The motorcycle ride through the favela was a fabulous experience in and of itself as you get to see inside of one Rio's biggest favelas. The hike is challenging but extremely rewarding. Eduardo is an incredible guide and a great person who truly cares for your experience. I will be doing this again next time in Rio for sure!!