Reviews for Explore Oxford, England

Lisa S.

My aunt is coming from Miami and she is very interested in visiting Oxford, so I have decided to plan a trip for her, found this post quite good reviews, I have booked a taxi from Waterloocars to pick her from airport. So will contact you next week after sharing your details with her

Howard B.

We spent a delightful afternoon wandering around Oxford with Colin, ducking in and out of museums and seeing everything on our to-do list. We had some initial e-mail issues, but once we started talking by phone, everything was fine.

David R.

Colin provided us with an excellent, three hour tour of Oxford. We was on time at the meeting point and immediately assessed how much we had already seen and knew (none). From there we were off. He was not shy about getting us behind several closed doors which revealed one treasure after another. His depth of knowledge about Oxford was astounding. We would highly recommend Colin if you really want to get to know Oxford and how things work there.

Kathy C.

We had a wonderful tour with Colin. It was like being with an old friend, rather than with a tour guide. He knows so much about Oxford and English history, he loves it and it clearly shows. We had a short window for our tour, but we saw so much and learned a great deal about this wonderful city.

Alex P.

I enjoyed my Oxford tour with Colin. We walked all over the city with a nice Spanish woman, whom he was teaching English at the university. Colin was authentic, knowledgeable, and witty. He had good stories about the history of the buildings and colleges. We accessed some places you normally could not go, but as Colin says "you walk in like you own the place" and get in anywhere. I strongly recommending explore the city with him.

Paul & Melanie Axel Lute

We had a very good tour with Colin. He showed us many intriguing places we would not have thought of or managed to see on our own.


Colin was very knowledgable and friendly, and he knows every single thing about this beautiful city. Good experience overall!

Margaret B.

My daughter and I had a great tour with Colin. His depth of knowledge about history, the university system, and Oxford is impressive. We spent our whole day with Colin, and every minute was informative. We saw many colleges and their chapels, each with a special story and character. We also visited the Ashmolean museum where you should spend more time than we had, so Colin showed us the most important highlights. At the end of our day, Colin even helped us decide how to prioritize our remaining time in London. We highly recommend this tour. We are from the Chicago area.

Joe H.

What a great tour! Spent the afternoon with Colin exploring this wonderful city. Colin was a fountain of knowledge about everything in Oxford--the colleges, museums, personalities. Didn't realize that Oxford was a collection of 40 colleges and we visited several of them and learned their long and colorful history. Could have easily spent days but alas we only had a few hours which Colin filled with information. Strongly recommend and can't wait to go back and learn more.

Amrita A.

I visited Oxford for an afternoon during my trip to London. It is a beautiful city where you can surely spend more time than just an afternoon. I have visited a number of places in Europe and most of the time it is exploring on my own (which can surely be a lot of fun). What I have never been fond of is visiting places with tours, wearing head phones and listen to hours of recordings about the place. What Vayable has done by providing a service to tourists is to explore the town/city with locals - which is an amazing experience. Colin showed me around the city one afternoon in September. It was really an awesome experience - to view the city with someone who has lived there for years. Colin had vast knowledge, knew the history, area and places around very well. If I were to visit Oxford again, I will surely reach out to Colin. Thanks Colin and thanks Vayable for making my trip to Oxford a memorable one :)

Barbara G.

A fascinating tour. Colin was very knowledgeable, and I would love to come back to Oxford some day to learn even more from him. He was willing to shorten the distance we covered to allow us to go at a comfortable speed for us, and to tour the Christchurch dining hall, since we are Harry Potter fans. Before the tour, he was willing to answer any email questions about London or Oxford, and even provided his phone number (though I did not use the phone since my American phone does not work in the UK).

Ben S.

What an excellent day. We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated every minute of our visit to Oxford, and this was all due to Colin. Colin took great care with our email correspondence prior to the trip to ensure everything was appropriately organised. He was there to greet us at the station, and then spent the next 4+ hours helping us to see and appreciate Oxford in a way that would not have been possible had we been wandering around by ourselves. Colin was friendly and engaging and has a passion for the township which came through in all the places he showed us and the knowledge he shared. Thank you very much Colin for your time. I thoroughly recommend this tour if you want a friendly journey around what is a picturesque town with a fascinating history.

Sophie T.

I had an absolute wonderful time in Oxford! It was one of the highlights of my trip around the UK, mostly due in part because of Colin. He was my tour guide in Oxford. He was wonderful and funny. I can't say enough great things about him. He took me everywhere as promised and even had time for more. I learned more from Colin than I could ever imagine and felt like I had made a life long friend as well : ) He receives an A+++++++++ from me, I could not have asked for a better guide. Please so not hesitate to request Colin if you want to discover this beautiful city, and know more about Lewis Carroll's Alice, Henry VIII of England and Harry Potter : )

Thomas H.

What an extremely interesting, memorable and fun tour! The three hours went by so quickly and Colin is a really entertaining guide. My friend and I were keen to see as much as possible on our short visit and to learn more about the history of Oxford and its university. We saw world-famous works of art, dinosaur bones and petrified trees as well as centuries’ old colleges and chapels. We walked through Oxford's 900 year old Castle (you can also go up the 1000 year old mound that used to protect the city) and we went into the old prison which for hundreds of years housed (and sometimes hung) the felons of Oxford. Colin also showed us the site where three bishops were burnt alive at the stake. We visited the pub where Tolkein and C.S. Lewis met to swap notes, and the shop which Alice in Wonderland actually visited (I didn’t know that she was a real person!) Colin even found time to take us to the amazing Covered Market and he showed us where we could get a punt (a boat) on the river if the weather cheered up (which it didn’t!). Colin's anecdotes and considerable knowledge of history, art and architecture brought the whole city to life and made us want to stay on for a fortnight – but this time we only had one day. We will definitely come back. It was a great tour.