Reviews for Left Bank Treats and Eats

Mary A.

My sister booked us a tour with Jenny, she didn't notice that she wrongly selected the date (a week before the planned date). She only found out when Jenny informed my sister that we did not show up that day. Jenny was very kind and accommodating to reschedule our tour with no additional cost. So, Jenny, thanks for that. And thank you for the wonderful time we had on your tour... glad we didn't miss a second chance. :)

Diane S.

We arrived in Paris in the morning after a 12 hour flight and found the Sweet Eats Tour an easy walk and a good introduction to all things sweet the local area where we are staying. It would be good to have a printed map handed out after the tour so that we could find our way back to stops we want to revisit by ourselves.



Wendy R.

Had a great walk around St Germain Paris with Jenny this morning. She showed us many local sights as well all the best places to eat treats! She even generously bought everyone 2 Macarons at rival patisseries, how sweet (literally). We stocked up along the way and had a fantastic afternoon tea, recommended! Wendy & Brett Australia

Laurie H.

Jenny's tour was a great way to spend a morning in Paris. We enjoyed seeing the city's most famous patisseries and chocolate shops in an easy, level walk through beautiful streets. We finished our tour at the Bon Marche food hall, which was a destination in itself. Transport is easy to find afterwards whether you are traveling by metro, bus, taxi, or walking. Jenny is a friendly, knowledgeable guide and if you like architecture, walking, and beautiful treats, you will appreciate her tour!


Jennys tour offers the perfect opportunity to explore a different side of Paris via your taste buds! Jenny had a well organised tour with a great route through some charming parts of St Germain. She was extremely knowledgable on each patisserie (I've taken away more than just a couple of extra pounds) and I really enjoyed that we started off in more traditional places, ending in patisseries with a more modern approach. Highlights would definitely include the foie gras and truffle macaroons. I would highly recommend this tour, starting on an empty stomach is essential. Thank you Jenny for a Saturday morning well spent.

Anton B.

As an American living in Paris for the last 3 years, I'd thought I'd just about exhausted all of the sights... but sometimes you can find the best things right under your nose! I took the tour with some friends and it was a fantastic way to explore the Left Bank, loaded with interesting facts about the history of the area in general and, of course, the patisseries. And best of all, you won't leave hungry! Highly recommended.

Florian M.

As a Paris resident, I was looking for a tour that would be informative and original. I often walked pass boulangeries and macaroon shop and never really take an interest in their historical value. I won't look at them in the same way after this tour. It is a perfect blend of historical anecdotes about St Germain and delicious stops to taste the very best of French patisserie. Don't miss it!

Rachelle W.

Can highly recommend. Jenny is a friendly kiwi guide who knows her French sweets, was a lot of fun.

Alana T.

This tour was a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Even though I have lived in the Saint Germain area myself for about 3 months now, a lot of the ground we covered was refreshingly new to me (as were the little-known facts that Jenny shared with us along the way). The tour was organised well, starting with the more traditional patisseries and ending with the "breakaway", more modern artisan stores (not to mention that New Zealand style coffee, which I'm sure will be a great new experience for a lot of people!) Definitely come with a bit of room in your stomach, because you won't be able to resist the sweet treats you are surrounded by. Highly recommended!

Erik U.

The Left Bank Treats tour was indeed a treat! I've lived on and off in Paris for about 3 years now, but my geography and lifestyle had never taken me to any of these iconic shops that Jenny showed us. Take the macarron: * Why do they always serve these things at corporate events? * Why do they keep turning up as dessert at dinner parties? In truth, it still seems a bit bizarre to me.... but after visiting the store of the company who invented the sweet little hamburger (and several of its competitors) and hearing Jenny's explanation, it begins to make a little more sense. There is something breathtaking about setting foot in these shops, little holy grails of the art of the sweet. Left Bank Treats is a light and fun tour -- an excellent afternoon stroll for any food lover visiting the city. Everything is on foot, but the ground covered is pretty limited, so it's not physically demanding. You visit five or six stores, hear the history about each one, then have a chance to make a purchase of your own. At the end, you sit for a coffee and have a sampling of products that Jenny has picked up in each of the stores. Your guide Jenny is super friendly and accessible. She has clearly done her research for this tour, although she holds back on the monologues to keep it from feeling like a museum walk. You can, however, always pull her aside in the store or on the walk between stops to ask her further questions. It is also worthy of mention that Jenny was very professional in the pre-tour communication, exchanging several emails with me personally to specify the precise time and meeting point -- and she was right where she said she'd be right when she said she'd be. My only critique is that I did the in the morning and it felt a little early to be eating all these sweets, I'd recommend doing the tour in the afternoon if you have the option. Also I would advise guests to come with a good hole in their stomach and a flexible wallet. These stores are super high end, and you are absolutely going to want to buy a few treats at each stop. It is an excellent tour for finding amazing souvenirs to bring back home -- the products in these shops are not Made in China and you won't find them at your local Walmart. Truly a one of a kind products that you can only get here in Paris!