Garbatella, Italy

When in Rome, Make Pasta!

with Carlo B.

Carlo B.

Do as Romans do and learn how to make homemade pasta with me!

I will provide you with all the basic ingredients, tools and my kitchen. I can help you pick the perfect dish for your tastes, we'll make it together and then eat it! How can you visit Italy without learning about our cuisine and how to prepare it yourself?

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Carlo B.

Hi, my name is Carlo, I'm 29 and I was born and raised in Rome, during the past 4 years I've lived in France and in the US: I basically took my studies as an excuse to live abroad, travel and get to know different people and languages. After these two years I was feeling very homesick: Rome is a lazy relaxing city, which can be unnerving at times, but where life is so so sweet. The weather is great, the food is awesome and the nights are fun. So I decided to come back and enjoy it and I moved back here with my girlfriend, who is French (almost Belgian). What else…I enjoy reading, music, art, cycling and I'm kind of a geek (did I mention I'm a physicist?). I enjoy Rome's underground scene, but I don't disdain a classical concert from time to time. I'm definitely a foodie and a wine lover. One thing I enjoy a lot is sharing my city with foreigners and tourists, because it helps me rediscover it every time and fall back in love with it. Full profile Leave a Review

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