Reviews for Itinerary for Local London

Melissa L.

Unfortunately, Kathryn was already booked for the day I wanted a tour, so instead I decided to have her write me a local itinerary for London. She surveyed me on my interests and developed a personal plan based on where I would already be in the city. She stretched the plan out so that I had activities to do in the morning and in the afternoon. It worked out perfectly and was a good combination of some touristy sightseeing and more unique things. I appreciated all her traveling tips and resources too. Money well spent! I'd definitely recommend this itinerary.

Nancy S.

Kathryn has an encyclopedic knowledge of the side of London that doesn't appear in tour books. Our four hours together were very well spent!

Lisa G.

I can not say enough great things about Kathryn! She did an amazing job of researching for me. She accomplished so much research in such a short time and then gave me the results in a clear, easy to digest, highly-informative format. When I am in London later this month I am going to go out on a tour with her in person and I am really looking forward to it.

Matthew H.

We heard about Vayable one week, connected with Kathryn the next week, and were touring some of the coolest parts of London soon after! A great itinerary was planned for us from our Kensington hotel. Kathryn met us promptly and we hit the ground running. Our goals were completely met as we wanted to see the London from a local perspective, with a focus on art, architecture, culture, and design -- and some really great food! Kathryn was a fantastic tour guide. She was punctual, courteous, friendly, and fun to be with. Her knowledge of the city is amazing. Her passion for what she does clearly comes out in everything she does. We were sad when we had to part ways after the tour! All in all, a really fun tour!