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Marielle G.

Come explore some of the coolest spots in San Francisco! We will go for a ride on the Castro slides, check out views from the Noriega steps and then we wash it all down with an ice cold beer from one of the cities hidden gems, The Beer Garden. In three hours you will get a full experience of the off the beaten path spots and get to see the city with a local explorer!

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Marielle G.

Roaming the streets of San Francisco you never know what you will see or who you will meet, adventures await every time you step out into the street. I am an easy going girl and I enjoy making the most of my time. In my free time I takes pictures, read, watch movies, go to shows (music, art,) or find myself out and about trying to be active in this city with endless opportunities. Finding good places to eat and having a good cocktail is an enjoyable mission every time, given so many options. Meeting different faces and sharing different experiences is exciting, who says people should only interact on the internet anyways. Full profile

2 Reviews

Molly B.

Hey there! So happy to have the chance to review Marielle's "Slides & Beers" tour. I recently stumbled upon Vayable ( what a great find!!) and though I live here( in the east bay) I had never been to the Castro slides. I thought this would be great fun to see and I asked a new friend of mine ( from Brazil) to come along too. Marielle met us RIGHT on time at our chosen meeting point. Stopped and bought us bottled water and off we went to the slides. That was great fun, even if a tiny bit scary...haha...but I got over that and slide 3 times! From there we hopped on Muni and went over to the Noriega steps. At both stops Marielle was snapping shots of us like a pro with her beautiful camera. I can't wait to see how they turned out. She will send us the finished product. After we finished with the steps we got back on Muni and went to the Beirgarten in the lower Haight. She bought us both our first beer( of course we had more than one ;) The day was wonderful...PERFECT weather. Marielle filled me in on things I didn't know about the slides and the steps. She introduced us to her housemate ( who met us at the beer garden. Hey Ralphie!) and was just so friendly. I now feel like I have a new friend in the City. Some body I'd actually call again just to hang out and have a beer with. She's SUPER. I highly recommend her. Oh ,and please be nice and don't forget to tip your guide. They work hard doing this. It's really appreciated!! Thanks Marielle!!!!

Ana C.

Do you want to have fun and know different things in San Francisco! If so, you must sign in for this tour! I am from Brazil and I got here three weeks ago. When my friend, Molly, esked me to join her in this tour I accepted at the same time! I love Castro so going there was enough for me! We met Marielle and she gave us a big and friendly smile! She bought us water and we went to the slides! Walking up hill wasn't so easy to me but she left took my time and my breath! It is incredible the way you feel when you are sliding down! It is amazing! I slided just once to keep this feeling! So we went to Noriega! Wow! Amazing mosaics! Amazing view! Incredible! The day couldn't be better! Blue sky, no clouds, a shinning sun! Perfect! Finish the day at Beirgarten was super, mega, power! We met Ralphie there, Marielle's housemate, and we had such a good time there! Marielle as a guide is great! She filled us in with lots of information but in a natural way, not those kind of formal information that no one wants to know or pay attention! Her timming for Muni and buses was perfect! It made us enjoy the day even more! As I sad first, do you want have fun? Sign in for this tour! Maybe I will join you for another slide and another beer, of course! Pleeeeeaaaase, don't forget to tip your guide, ok?

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