Greater London, United Kingdom

The Original Loo Tour

with Rachel C.

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Rachel C.

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This tour is perfect for the immensely practical tourist with a sense of humour and an interest in hygiene.

My own interest in toilets fountained from a very practical mission to avoid the 30p (and upwards!) fee that many public toilets charge. What started as something of a joke has blossomed into a research project as I have discovered the fascinating history and social importance of these often overlooked pieces of architecture.

This walking tour covers the area from Waterloo to the City of London

Along the way you will get:

• Tips and tricks for locating free public loos in London
• The history of the toilet from pre-Roman to present
• The surprisingly intense politics of the public toilet
• Gossip and trivia
• Jokes and bad puns
• Rest stops for drinks (The rout offers ample opportunity for everything from tea to cocktails)

More information is at my website:

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Rachel C.

Born and raised American but thoroughly British at heart. I have lived in London for about a year, and love the city as much as ever. As a life-long theatre and history nerd it is probably about the closest thing to heaven. I received my Master's Degree from the recently re-branded *Royal* Central School of Speech and Drama. Outside of my theatre work, I'm a proud member of Cecil Sharp Morris (If you are not familiar with morris dancing you should be... it's the most quintessentially English thing there is... aside from tea, perhaps.) My current pet project is learning everything I can about toilets. So far this has lead to my loo tours, a trip to Indonesia for the World Toilet Summit, membership with the British Toilet Association, and lots of new friendships. You cannot imagine how much fascinating information there is on the subject! I could talk about me all day... but I usually think it's more interesting to talk about you! Or London, of course! Full profile

9 Reviews

Sue H.

Rachel lead a most interesting tour round the loos in London. Her talk was most informative, enlightening and very engaging. She walked backwards for the majority of the time, only stopping for obstacles a couple of times. The weather was not good but we all enjoyed the journey to the final destination at Wetherspoons

Matthew L.

I went on an early version of this experience which I have blogged about at It's a really unusual and informative experience. Rachel is friendly, fun, reliable and armed with plenty of loo-related tales from London history. And there's so much more to the tour than just toilets - there's history, politics, architecture, theatre and a cocktail at the end too. Of course, you'll get most out of the tour if you use the facilities along the way, so carry a bottle of water...

Andrew G.

Just in case you are wondering what is the most fun, most interesting and informative thing to do in London....the answer is as clear as the loo paper stuck to your shoe.... A London Loo Tour of course! What great fun!

Simo V.

Rachel knows London more than most Londoners, and will tell plenty of non necessarily loo-related anecdotes. The tour is very nice and interesting, not only from a practical point of view, as it's actually a way to understand London more from its facilities (facilavatories?) point of view. Highly recommended!

Andrew W.

The tour was a fun afternoon on a cold winter's day. Rachel took us around some interesting toilets, shared some of her wide range of toilet facts and trivia, and showed us some other interesting spots along the way as well. Despite having lived in London more than two and a half years I still discovered some new places I had not known about before. Lots of remember for next time I am showing visiting friends around the city!

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