Paris, France

Tour Paris on a Vintage Moto

with Alfred & Walter De La Vegas

Alfred & Walter De La Vegas

Lonely planet? Forget about it for a while and easy ride with us. We have everything planned and know exactly how to make you love this magical city. Take a friend, join our vintage moto squad and tour Paris with us: the place to see at the right time, from the right spot; French picnic and drinking over the Seine with French music, French lessons, French anecdotes and video of the whole tour. If we are free we can take you to party with us. We are just so confident that you will be dazzled !

Price per person. All included (pic-nic, video, gas etc...)

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Alfred & Walter De La Vegas

We are two old friends, born and raised in Paris, We love our magic city, we love the world and want to make it a better place for you and for us, Full profile Leave a Review

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