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From Arrest to Appeal

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An entertaining and informative look at the famous and infamous courts and prisons of New York City. These architecturally significant and oft-filmed buildings have many stories to tell - from yesterday's Revolutionary war prisoners to today's terrorists and insider traders.

Your licensed tour guide, Linda, is a native New Yorker with 40 years experience working in the courts. The area is north of the financial district, west of the World Trade Center site and east of Chinatown.

See remnants of a Sugar House prison, a Beaux Arts courthouse designed to look like a Paris opera house, then we will observe court proceedings in the Criminal Court (Tombs). Leave your weapons at the door!

Stand on the steps of the "Law and Order" courthouse, check out where Judge Judy got her start, and learn a little about American justice. We will pass by the Marriage Bureau, Police Headquarters and the African Burial Ground, all important parts of the New York experience

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I'm a native New Yorker, grew up in the Bronx and never missed an episode of Perry Mason. I was a teenage courtroom buff and became a court reporter - gaining insider entree to raucus public meetings, the Mayor's Office and some not-so-savory prisons. I currently work as an official in the Federal court, watching judges throw the book at the likes of Bernie Madoff, top bosses of organized crime and Al Qaeda operatives. In my spare time I'm a licensed new york city tour guide and I love turning people on to the rich history of the Civic Center - things even most New Yorkers are unaware of! Full profile

4 Reviews


To go to New York and not see the beautiful courts and buildings of lower Manhattan would definitely be a loss! Linda not only points out the beauty of these buildings, but also some of the crazy stories of the history of lower Manhattan from farm lands to mob bosses. It is clear Linda is a licensed tour guide as she is prepared with histories and stories of the courts. This tour is a must if you want to hear the history of lower Manhattan and see some beautiful architecture.

Mike M.

A look back in time to how lower Manhattan developed. Linda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes this tour an enlightening experience.

Jeff Tastes

Linda is awesome. She has worked in the area in the courts for a while and took an interest, so now she is showing it off. My favorite part was going into the courtroom and watching the cases - Linda dissected to me what was going on. I have always wanted to go there, so glad it was on the tour. Thanks!

Miriam M.

Thanks Linda for a very informative tour of the city’s court and prison systems. The parts of the tour that stood out most for me were the Law and Order court steps, the Five Points section and seeing the African Burial Ground. I had a wonderful time and I highly recommend it.

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