San Francisco, California

415 Culinary Journey

with Kieran S.

Kieran S.

I will take you throughout San Francisco to explore its rich food history. A variety of cultures influenced The City, including Ethiopians, Russians, El Salvadorans, Italians, Chinese and the Irish. During our journey, we'll be eating food from those countries and other countries as well.

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Kieran S.

I'm a San Francisco native and have 28 years of experience with San Francisco. I've taken every bus, cable car and trolley line, lived in almost every neighborhood and have learned plenty of rare facts about San Francisco. Whenever I've given people tours of the city they've always liked how I take them through locals-only areas and actually gave them impetus to return to San Francisco. I have a passion for showing people a completely different San Francisco than whatever's shown on tv ads and I've never given the same tour twice. Full profile Leave a Review

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