Antigua, Guatemala

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Demetri P.

Join world traveler and social entrepreneur Demetri Patitsas in the land of the "corazon de los Mayas!" Demetri will introduce you to some of the countries leading social entrepreneurs, humanitarians. Demetri Patitsas joins you as you climb volcanos and swim in volcanic lakes and hot baths; and all the while meet the real, authentic Guatemala. He is bilingual, has been visiting the country for over 4 years.

Visit the ancient city of Antigua, climb Volcano Pacaya, travel through Lake Atitlan, Guatemala City, and Xela, Guatemala as you visit coffee plantations (fincas), climb volcanos, drink Guatemalan coffee and taste Mayan Chocolate.

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Demetri P.

Patitsas has traveled extensively throughout North America, the Middle East, Europe, Northern and Western Africa, and in Central, America. He has personally led over 70 expeditions globally between his non profit and for profit activities. He enjoys reading, exploring the spiritual realm of Orthodox Christianity, and plays rugby from time to time. Full profile Leave a Review

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