Reviews for Singapore Food Trail - Local Food Centre

Robert R.

True to the description on the web site this is an excellent experience for going beyond your normal culininary limits. Although dubious towards some of Lynn's choices, we tried a good portion of everything and found all very enjoyable. Lynn takes you to the back locks of Chinatown which we westerners would never find. Great value and unforgettable experience.

Kevin B.

Our food tour in Singapore with Lynn was wonderful: the perfect amount of time with a great variety of foods, all conveniently located near each other. We left very full! While you could just walk around hawker centers without a guide and try different foods, the dishes she ordered us were very unique -- we never would have known to order them. Plus, we were able to sit while she graciously waited in line for us -- nice perk. She was very knowledgeable about all things Singapore -- not just the food. We never felt rushed: she even walked us through a local mall as a sightseeing stop. I highly recommend this to first-time Singapore visitors.

Gloria T.

Lynn was super and I can't recommend her enough! She listened to my ideas and we had a custom private tour for 2 through 3 hawker centers in Chinatown. She keep bringing food till we cried for mercy. She was also prompted in her email replies and showed up on time, which is really important when you are in a foreign country. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon!

Dana D.

Lynn was an amazing guide who showed me foods I would have never ordered, places I would have never seen, and an experience I won't soon forget. She was incredibly responsive to emails and very knowledgeable about her city and its food. She was flexible and catered the tour to me specifically - even taking me to a special spot in town when I briefly mentioned wanting to try sting ray! Lynn is a wonderful person to talk to and will show you truly what the locals eat. The tour was simply wonderful and I couldn't recommend it more!

Mrs. M.

If there is only one thing you do during your stay in Singapore, this will be the best $30 you've ever spent. Lynn, the young professional she is, met me at my hotel in Chinatown - extra punctual. Before my trip, she inquired about any special dietary needs and whether I liked spicy foods, then confirmed via email a day prior. Off we went to the Chinatown Complex food centre, one of the largest in Singapore. Lynn introduced me to local brunch staples, like kaya toast, peanut pancakes, popiah, carrot cake (not what it sounds like), steamed yam cakes and rice noodles, raw fish salad, soursop juice and so much more. Be prepared to have your belly stretched. Since I am vegetarian, we also made a special trip to the Fortune Centre, which has many Buddhist stalls that are totally vegan. Yes, you could attempt to dive into a local hawker centre on your own but prepare to be completely lost. Trust me, I read the travel books, the travel food blogs and watched the travel shows before I came and considered myself pretty familiar with the local foods. Yet I wouldn't have known where to begin. 100% a must do. Do it on your first or second day to get an idea of all the foods you want to try, because you won't be able to try them all in one day. You may also miss out on some pretty amazing things you don't read about on travel blogs, most certainly not in your guidebooks.

Dmitry T.

We had a great food tour today and tried those things we would never do ourselves. Lynn is a great guide, very good communicator, nice girl and a good driver. She told us lots if interesting things about Singapore. Its our pleasure to recommend this tour to everyone including our friend who heading to Singapore soon.