Reviews for Highlights of the Met


Taso was a wonderful guide! He has extraordinary knowledge in art history & shared fun, interesting facts about the various pieces, cultures & time periods. He was also warm & approachable which made the experience feel very casual & intimate. I had a lot of fun during the tour & learned more in this one visit than I had in my last three visits. As a result, I'm excited to look into tours for other places! I can't say enough good things about my experience & highly recommend this to anyone interested in a guided tour of the Met.


I had a wonderful experience touring the Met yesterday. It was my first time visiting, and Taso provided a great introduction - he was a warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable guide whose passion for art was infectious. I would recommend this tour to anyone looking for an accessible, non-intimidating, and entertaining overview of some of the museum's most notable highlights. Thank you for a lovely afternoon!

Sam L.

I took the MET tour with Taso, he is not one of "those" guides that go with a script and move on. Taso has genuine interest in all the antiques and deep knowledge about each piece. I felt like i would have to sleep and live in the museum to know as much as he does in a lifetime. He is so enthusiastic about what he chose to comment about, as an average museum goer, this was the perfect tour for me. I learned a lot and enjoyed every bit of it. As it goes he will also put together more thematic tours, i think it's a great idea as a follow-up!

Jessica H.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Metropolitan Museum tour with Taso. Although I'm someone who has frequented the museum, the Pompeii room was a complete and happy surprise for me! He was extremely informative in regards to Greek an Roman Art in particular, as well as 18th century European Art. He was lively and engaging. I had a great time time and I learned a lot.