Reviews for Sushi Class in Nature W/ Executive Chef

Fahd B.

This has been one of my favorite Vayable experiences (and I've been on quite a few!). Emmy is a fantastic guide and this experience was educational, enjoyable and well organized. The hike was the perfect length that you get to observe the surroundings while Emmy explains some interesting factoids (such as "the family circle"). Learning to make sushi out in the wilderness is certainly a unique experience and it worked surprisingly well. It was refreshing to create and bond out in the open and amongst nature. We sat on a bench in a nice shaded area with all the materials set out. We were led step by step from the preparation to rolling our own sushi. The best part? That you get to eat the sushi after you make it!

Aditi J.

The hike + sushi lesson was such a unique balance of peace and play; I highly recommend it! Emmy is such a delight -- thoughtful, fun and knowledgable to boot. Take this little jaunt as soon as you can swing it!

Rahul N.

This was one of my favorite experiences ever. I surprised my girlfriend with this adventure and we had an amazing time. There is something surreal and quite profound about making Sushi while surrounded by nature. It's a relaxing and insightful experience into one's own personality as we noticed that the sushi we made was an extension of who we are. (cheesy but true) This is something I would recommend to all of my friends. You have to do it once to know what I mean. It is hard to describe completely in words. Emmy was an awesome host. She is down to earth, easy to get along with and very knowledgeable about the Redwoods as well as sushi. I would go on more Vayable tours with her, any day.