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Burlesque, cabaret, magic and celebrity. See and learn about the entertainment scene of New York with Jaysin, a magician that has performed at many of the notable locations in the city. Learn about the history of many of the venues of New York, the famous people who have performed there and the best shows to see. Grab a bite in the theatre district and go on to see the best entertainment offered at the time, selected by Jaysin.

Jaysin, who has lived in the city for over 20 years, knows the entertainment scene through his performances as the famous Caroline’s, appearances on Good Morning America and other morning news shows. Follow Jaysin as he shows you the unique entertainment scene of New York that surprises in venue and performance. A magicians by trade, Jaysin can’t help but entertain and charm throughout the tour.
*Price includes meal and night show
**Afternoon tour without show $50

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