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G-Village Rock N Roll Tour

with Bobby P.

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Bobby P.

For over 100 years historic Greenwich Village has been the mecca to the creative, the rebellious, the Beats, the musicians and Bohemian. Starving artists finding affordable housing is long gone but the West Village remains a creative artery for the downtown scene.

Our Greenwich Village Rock Tour takes a look at the musicians and locales of the neighborhood that put the Village on map. The folk movement was huge in the 60's so there are many sites that refer to Bob Dylan. However, the history is so rich and the sites are plentiful.

We'll also discuss:
Jimi Hendrix
The Animals
Bottom Line
Gerde's Folk City
Bitter End
Woody Guthrie
Cafe Wha
Scrap Bar
Gas Light
and many other sites
After walking the streets of your favorite musicians and artists you'll want to grab a drink or a bite to eat at many of the great bars and restaurants in Greenwich Village. Rock Junket will even let you know where Dylan, Hendrix and Kerouac would grab a coffee.

Knowledgable guide, great company, a stellar, informative and fun tour!

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1 Review


The East Village Rock and Punk Tour, and no doubt the other Rock Junket trips, are entertaining, insightful and fun - and a great way to take a couple of hours out of your break in NYC. We already had walked around a bit and had no idea how much history was around and about us. If you like music - and have a fondness for the 60s thru late 70s then this is the one for you. But it's also for you if you just like a walk around to take in the local atmosphere and learn about some new stuff and pick up some great hints and tips about where to find good food and drink. 'Bobby Pinn' has good stories to tell and you benefit from his first hand knowledge and experience. We *really* enjoyed it and recommend it wholeheartedly.

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