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Flavors of Southeast Asia in Queens

with Joe D.

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Joe D.

Not only is Elmhurst Queens’ second Chinatown; it’s home to a thriving Southeast Asian community. Join me for a one-of-a-kind guided tour of Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai markets and restaurants.

Sample Indonesian dishes like stewed jackfruit and crunchy keripik kentang kacang manis, Indonesia’s sweet spicy and savory take on potato chips. Tuck into a Vietnamese sandwich while sipping a salty lemonade. Browse a Thai market for ingredients like kaffir lime leaves, and curry pastes. Elmhurst is currently a hotbed of Thai culture and cuisine and the tour also includes a visit to the Emerald Buddha. Book Now!

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Joe D.

My friend Rob calls me the “foremost Caucasian expert on Asian food in Queens.” The New York Times calls me an “invaluable food sleuth.”And New York magazine calls me the “guy who ate Queens.” I prefer to think of myself as the man who ate his way around the world without ever leaving Queens. It’s an ongoing mission that I chronicle on my blog, CHOPSTICKSANDMARROW. I live to discover new regional Chinese food courts, Mexican street foods, Nepalese dumplings, and Indian junk food. I’ve been told that I take too many photos of food. My response: “Wait, don’t eat that yet!” Full profile

49 Reviews


I thought the concept was very interesting. I most enjoyed walking about the residential areas and visiting the Thai temple. I would have really like to have known about the New Years festival in advance and possible I would have picked that day to take the tour. I thought the guide was personable and gave an adequate amount of time. I would have liked a little more food for the amount of money charged and not as many small desserts.

Danny S.

He was very knowledgeable of the neighborhood and introduced us to some great spots

Andrea Q.

Joe was an excellent guide through the fascinating neighborhood of Elmhurst. He introduced us to foods we never would have known to order and everything we ate was amazing. Joe had a really nice way of interacting with the restaurant staff who made us feel very welcome and who sometimes took time to teach us a little bit about their menu. This is a great tour for both people who have had exposure to Southeast Asian cuisines and those for those for whom the flavors are completely new.

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