Reykjavik, Iceland

An Intro to Reykjavik

with Samuel K.

15 reviews

Samuel K.

Experience Iceland's capital from inside-out! From the Viking settlement to the modernity of a vivid capital, you will discover the hidden paths and other secret places. Experience Icelandic history, culture, cuisine and design, all in one. Of course, tours can be customized upon request.

Awesome local guide with experience and witty comments in English, French, German or Icelandic depending on your taste.
Tasting of some Icelandic specialities.

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Samuel K.

I'm a Swiss expat' living in Iceland and exploring its possibilities. When i'm not busy guiding or advocating vacation in Iceland, I hang out in Reykjavik enjoying the musical scene. And yeah, I have met Björk and the guys of Sigur Rós. I also write advices for travelers on Full profile

15 Reviews


I had a great time sightseeing in Reykjavik with Samuel. He's extremely knowledgeable about Iceland's history, culture, and language. He also customizes the tour to fit your interests. Highly recommended for anyone coming to Iceland who's interested in more than just taking photos. Really felt like I learned a lot and got some great recommendations for restaurants and other sites to check out. Thanks Samuel!!!

Leslie V.

Samuel's tour is the perfect way to get an overview of Reyjkavic. Though a rainy & cold day, Samuel was a great sport & gave us a nice walking tour with insights into pop culture, history, food/restaurants, government, places to visit, etc. Samuel is an opinionated ex-pat and very knowledgable & accommodating of questions. I highly recommend his tour!

Sam L.

Sam was super interesting from history to anecdotes, he has accumulated so much knowledge during his 7 years in Iceland. Both about Reykjavik and the Icelandic society, He is a goldmine of information. He adapted the walking tour to our interests and mixed it a bit with his coffee tour so that we would stop occasionally at his favorite coffee places. Definitely recommended as soon as you arrive in Reykjavik.

Úlfdís H.

I had Samuel as guide for a "Viking tour" in Iceland and it was really just perfect. Visiting uncommon and marvelous places with always a little anecdote on it that you will hear nowhere else. I really recommend Samuel for those who want to have a personnalised and unique tour.

Bill A.

In early November, 2012, six friends and I joined Samuel Kohler for a walking tour of Reykjavik. Sam was a delightful tour guide, always accommodating and full of interesting stories about living in Iceland. We explored interesting neighborhoods, the docks, government buildings, and just when the cold breeze was about to become stressful, Sam treated us to hot chocolate and treats in an extremely pleasant, warm and comfortable coffee house. We had a fine time and I heartily encourage anyone looking to spend an interesting few hours in Reykjavik to sign up for one of Samuel Kohler's tours. If you'd like to see pictures we took during our walk, look here:

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