Reviews for If These Walls Could Speak

Chloe B.

I run Street Art SF with my mother Jane. We recently joined Dylan's tour of the area with Vayable. We thoroughly enjoyed it because like us Dylan enjoys all types of urban art so he is just as likely to point out a tiny tag as he is a fantastically detailed mural. His knowledge of the art in the area is very strong. He has a fantastic grasp of the different graffiti writers and crews that work around here. As an artist himself who has worked on larger murals he brings a unique perspective towards viewing them. Dylan highlights our relation to art within our environment. He invited the group to tell the story of the murals through our own perspective. Doing so in a group is interesting because everyone sees things slightly differently based on their background and what captures their attention about the piece bringing to life a unique story although not necessarily the intended story, an authentic story created by the works witnesses on the street.

Martin B.

I have passed through the area multiple times by car or by bike, but never took the time to take it slow to take a look and ponder the message of the countless murals and graffiti, until this time. It was great. This tour takes you along the 24th st and through the adjacent alleyways. The guide, Dylan, is an artist himself and knowledgeable on the subject. He can also provide you with tips on local eateries. Recommended!