Reviews for Busking the NYC Underground

Eric A.

Heidi was terrific and this was a great experience. She pulled together a bunch of fellow musicians and created a tour with performances at various stops along the subway. It was a peek into the like of street musicians and the NYC subway experience. We brought along 2 kids, 8 and 11 yrs, and she made an extra effort to include them. Overall I think it's a great off-the-beaten track tour and a way to get a better sense of NYC. Highly recommended.

Sven P.

the underground adventure dreams are made from. Sights and sounds of magnificent singers, structures and people. train hopping from A to L to D the adventure was like no other. We all felt like kids seeing a world we never knew existed. loved every story, every ones vision and idea. it was amazing. Most people ride the trains as travelers, i guess on this tour, you could you are peter pan and the lost boys! Thanks Heidi

Derek C.

We would highly recommend Heidi. We are two university students that were looking to gain insight into the underground world of NYC Buskers. Heidi's enthusiasm, connections with other buskers, and genuine love for what she does made this tour unforgettable. Getting to meet the people that have so clearly influenced her and supported her, have given us a new appreciation for the community of people that call the underground their stage, and their livelihood. Thank you Heidi for your work in putting this together, and your passion.


Really interesting & you are very cheerful Heidi, with makes it even better! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone curious about the NYC Underground


This tour is really great and it erases all my former prejudice about buskers. I think they have great motivation. The only negative is the subway is really noisy. But it's a great tour!


The tour is fantastic! I loved how Heidi introduced us to her busking friends and somehow made us all feel like we were part of the family!


All these people are amazing. I strongly recommend this tour to anyone who'd like to have a fun & eye opening time. Heidi is very energetic as are all of her busker friends.


Loved this Underground Busking tour! This is my second one! I'm down here two times a day, five days a week. every busker I encounter just makes the daily trudge to and from work that much more bearable! Love these people! Heidi, don't ever stop, PLEASE!

Alexis H

Heidi's incredible. Such a great and inspiring personality. You made our school project so easy & I thank you for that. everyone you got us to meet will be on my mind forever.

Jennie W.

My review of your tour on April 19th - The New York Subway literally came to life during the Vayable Busking Tour of the Underground. What I once considered background noise came front and center stage to charm and delight me with the raw authenticity that can only come from performers in the subway. It was clear to me as a silent witness, that these subway performers sing for the joy of singing and the tips, while a real consideration in their day, are not as fulfilling as the smiles, the claps and cheers of joy in appreciation of their very real and very raw talent. Heidi Kole, as tour guide, lends an authentic voice, as a subway performer herself, and shows how her personal relationships with her fellow subway performers are as rich and wonderful as those we have of our own.


Vayable is a cool tour service allowing explorers, like me, to experience a different side of where where we live. I had the pleasure participating on a NYC subway busking tour where I met, sang along, and witnessed the musical world of underground busking. It was a great experience one I would love to do again!

Jeff Tastes

This tour was a dream come true for me. Underground cultures always intrigue me, and this is literally as far underground as NYC gets. Heidi is a member of this culture and has been doing it for around a decade. She is super nice and a great guide. I even made some busker friends. Dream come true.


It was fun all the way. The experience was also quite sobering and for me as a filmmaker, it opened up more possibilities than my muse could bestow just passing through. Next time around, I'll be prepared to party with you guys all night!

Olivia M.

New York City is full of surprises but few can top the musicians underground. Who knew?! Heidi does such a wonderful job of introducing her guests to them. One who stood out was Danny - simply incredible. This tour is so much more than the regular touristy thing to do in New York city. There really is nothing like it.

Steve S.

Heidi I had a blast at ur last subway diaries tour, u guys rockkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

Matthew L.

I loved Heidi's busking tour of the NYC subway. It was fascinating hearing about her experiences of performing underground, her thoughts on the structure and regulation of busking, and about the feeling of community and comradery amongst Manhattan's regular performers. Unfortunately I left too early to see Heidi perform, but it was a joy to see her fellow buskers sing - there's so much talent underground. It's a fascinating insight into a completely different part of the entertainment business.

Antonia P.

The tour was amazing! I beeing for three weeks in nyc but I had never looked the subway like that. Your going to be able to hear really good music and know a little bit of the history the musiciens down there. Also Heidi is an amazing singer!