Reviews for Thrift With Your New Gay BFF

Wendy R.

Royce is as beautiful and colorful as you can imagine! He took three Aussie gals who wear a lot of black... Which is ok!! ... And helped pick out colorful clothing to supplement our wardrobe. He also assisted in jewellery pieces to complement what he quickly picked up as on our styles. The term "boob drama" was coined, or at least used a lot, which gave the 3 of us well endowed chicks a giggle. Love him to pieces! Thanks Royce!!!!

Vayable T.

Royce Love is Vayable's favorite gay best friend (so far as of September 2011). His warm, fabulous, and sassy personality makes him the gay BFF you wish you always had! Proper thrifting requires a sense of humor, a good eye, and a lot of creativity! As a professional stylist, he's got it all. You and your friends will look like a thousand bucks while only spending a sliver of that!