Reviews for Paris Photography Walking Tour


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Paris, sweet Paris))))

Bernadette W.

Clara met us on time and took us to one of my favourite neighbourhoods. I have a very nice fixed lens camera which I couldn't use properly Clara sorted that out for me. Whilst we walked and talked about photography Clara was there to help with the technical side of my camera. I loved this tour I have some very nice photos which I took and I left feeling confident with camera. I would this again.


Such a great tour!! Alexander brings his expertise in photography, Paris, and chocolate and provides an amazing, personalized experience. I learned more in three hours than I had in a week long workshop and have been practicing the tips and suggestions. This is a great tour and beneficial way to spend an afternoon in Paris and go beyond the main attractions and learn valuable lessons from an experienced and talented photographer.

Diego M.

Great experience! William was a kind and patient teacher. We learnt a lot of things, developed our photography skills and discovered great places and beautiful corners in our tour through Montmatre. He guided and showed us the most unknow (and from now on, our favourite) part of Montmatre, encouraging our creativity. We have now great photos of our visit. We strongly recommend the tour. Thanks William!

Muhammad N.

he is good guider

John J.

Mast ghumata he .. good !

Mark H.

great tour! highly recommend.

Jan F.

5 Stars All Day Long!!! Alexander was wonderful!! What I loved the most was sitting with him at the cafe and he asked a lot of questions to pin point my skill level and to know exactly what I wanted help with. It was perfect for me!! Super kind and fun too! Don't hesitate to tour with him!!!

Sonia D.

This was my first photo tour. Alexander was prompt and friendly. We discussed my photographic interest before starting out. I learned how to photograph in Alexander's preferred Program mode and had my first experience in night photography. I was able to use some of the new learnings later in my trip. Overall I was satisfied with the tour.

Melissa B.

The Paris photography walking tour with Alexander was great! The weather was horrible, but Alexander muddled through with me and helped me get some great shots of my favorite city! Alexander helped me to learn a lot about my camera and how to use it to improve my photography skills. I highly recommend it!

Anita G.

An unbeatable experience. We spent an incredible 4 hours with Caspar Miskin in Paris on May 18. We began at a sidewalk café, with a cup of coffee, by reviewing camera functions, which allowed us to ask questions and have the aspects shown on our cameras. The pace was also ours and did not go beyond what we felt we could handle. Caspar was patient and clear with his instruction. He used a wonderful PowerPoint slide show on his laptop which graphically described what he was explaining. We then walked, and as we did, the aspects of good photography with the proper use of our cameras became clearer. We took photos and we were able to get a critique of them as we did. We felt that we not only learned a great deal, but we had a very pleasant experience doing it.

Carolyn M.

Thanks to Alexander for organising my tour at short notice. My guide Caspar was full of positive reinforcement and ideas for taking better photos. A great night out in Paris, I enjoyed my tour immensely plus it was a moment to see Paris I from a different perspective. Thankyou. Carolyn (Sydney, Australia)

Richard F.

William was just fantastic. I have done many photo walk around training tours and this was one of the best. William took the time to explain to my wife the details of her camera and had her shooting Aperture priority at the end of the session. Not bad for someone who has only shot in P. Our brief to William was to give us pointers on taking more than tourist snap shots. He excelled in this. We walked around Notre Dame and took many different angles. Then to Isle Saint-Louis where we spent the bulk of our time making pictures. We were both very happy with the four hours we spent and William is such an obliging and pleasant person to be around.


Well....I've owned my camera for four years, but until I met Alexander I did not know how to properly use it. I am admittedly a consuming American who thinks she needs to multi-task, so an opportunity to learn about my camera and see Paris is quite appealing. Our time in the café discussing what each button on the camera does was worth the cost of the "tour". Alexander's personality is as big as his knowledge of photography. Stop wondering and book the tour. You'll have No Regrets. Je promets!!!

Barry S.

We have been to Paris several times and have enjoyed many of its splendors. Our evening with Alexander Bradley was another GEM! Not only did we get to see the great Paris landmarks at night but also to photograph them as well! I am a novice but very interested photographer and Alexander took me through a short tutorial to understand the basic elements of night photography. We followed that with a walk through and photo workshop of these great landmarks! Alexander was a super teacher as well as entertaining which made this evening very special! There must not be too many experiences better than to see Paris at night but to end up with great (photographic) remembrances is even better!!! Bravo (and 5 stars) to Alexander!!


I really enjoyed my tour with Alexander. He tailored the walk to meet my needs (I really wanted to learn how to get off automatic on my DSLR) and was able to explain the technical information in a very simple way. By the end of the tour, I was shooting on manual mode and am pleased with the results!