Reviews for Kauai Anarcho Tours--River/waterfall

Skate S.

My wife and I just had the most romantic getaway for two courtesy of T and Kauai Anarcho-Eco tours. We camped on a lovely, deserted beach for the night, complete with personal picnic dinner and breakfast – all prepared and set-up by T himself. Yes, T did it all. He drove us to the location, brought all the camping gear and food, made sure we were comfortable, and left us for the night. With over 60 thousand tourists on Kauai that night, we shared the beach with exactly one other couple waaay down the way nestled into the trees just like us. It was like we were the only lovers in the world! We awoke to a beautiful sunrise from out of the ocean (this beach faces East, the only location hint I will give!) and T’s perfect breakfast. My wife and I have never spent such a special anniversary. Thanks, T, for another wonderful memory to add to our vacation!

Skate S.

We just had the most wonderful trip with Kauai Anarcho-Eco tours. It was the “Tunnels” Tour, and I haven’t had so much fun in years! The 4-wheel drive trip into the Wai’ale’ale Crater was breathtaking, and the view through the site of the Jurassic Park gates up to the cliffs of the crater shows just why they shot the movie there. The ride through the 1½ miles of underground water tunnels on boogie boards was fun and exhilarating, and the swimming hole at the end of the line, complete with rope swing!, was just perfect. Our tour guide, T, kept the day light, fun and safe. He is very knowledgeable about Kauai plant life, geography, and history, and told us lots of interesting stories about the island. T’s corny pirate jokes and his great picnic lunch are also not to be missed! We had a really great day and I highly recommend Kauai Anarcho-Eco tours to the adventurous traveller looking for something off the beaten track.

Teri R.

***** Not the typical tour! If you want off the beaten track with lots of extras - book with Kauai Anarcho Eco Tours! We loved every minute of it, plus learned a bit of Hawaiian history, language, flora, fauna not to mention an awesome lunch!!!

Wade R.

We (me, my wife and two children)) just finished a tour with "T"/Vayable in Kauai HI and what an INCREDIBLE adventure it was. We started out our adventure with a four wheel drive excursion into the wettest place in the world (in the crater on Kauai) which took us through some of the most beautiful places we have ever seen (trees with beautiful flowers, multi color tree trunks, leaves that respond to your touch by folding up, etc) then we proceeded to unload our gear and float through an extended tunnel of tubes that was in itself an adventure but when we reached the end of the tubes it opened up to a natural pool that was surrounding by a waterfall, incredible plants and my family overwhelmed with the beauty.... then we spotted the swinging rope which my kids and I proceeded to climb to and swing into the natural pool. If this wasn't enough, when we got back to where we parked the truck "T" treated us to an incredible organic meal which included a homemade burrito and a fruit salad as desert that came from his own garden (oh yeah "T" is an AMAZING cook also). Other than the ride back to civilization and our car, this was the end of our adventure with "T"/Vayable but the good news is that we had such a good time we are looking forward to another adventure with "T"/Vayable before we leave this island paradise. Thank you "T" for an incredible time!!! Wade, Teri, Lauren and Ryan.

Tara G.

T is a real Kauai character. He knows a lot of cool out of the way spots and carries a lot of aloha for visitors to the islands. His discounted tours are the best deal I have seen on Kauai!