Reviews for Joshua Tree Wonderland of Rocks Hike

Mario S.

Great day trip. Ethan is the perfect guide. Based on my novice ability the hike though the granitic monoliths the hike was taylored for me. Lots of information was provided about dessert life, the native plants, and rock formations. Again, Great Great guide!!!

Lindsey J.

My adventures in Joshua Tree have been without exaggeration magical because of Ethan. His passion for the park is infectious as he with pure joy provides people with unforgettable experiences. Joshua Tree National Park is vast, and Ethan has a knack for leading people in just the right places for what they are seeking. He is patient and kind, always checking in with his group to ensure that everyone's needs are being met. I can't wait for my next trip to Joshua Tree with Ethan!

Markus J.

Ethan Peck's ability to facilitate travel in this rugged high desert environment is all inclusive, meaning that he takes care of each person with kind attention. He is ready to look into those nooks in the rock and find passageways to comfortable little spots, or wind his way to the top of some big rock for a overview look. This man is highly recommended buy me for he is professional all-the-way with a nice balance of fun personality!

Shane M.

This was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. The knowledge and secret parts of the park that people would never know about made this truly memorable. I'd come to Palm Springs just for this tour.

Andy S.

Ethan is a professional. This may not be immediately evident as you join him in traipsing through the back country, squeezing your body into the hidden nooks and crannies of Joshua Tree's granite, but it becomes clear when you take note of the fashion with which Ethan coolly and collectedly shepherds you through the perfect degree of challenge and adventure. He has a keen ability to read a group and choose the appropriate path accordingly.

Martha P.

Joshua Tree is a fantastic area of natural beauty, and Ethan has all the skills to introduce you to its many charms. Whether you are interested in plants, native animals and their adaptations, geology, or local history, he'll share his enthusiasm and knowledge, or just walk with you in silent wonder. He customized a hike for our group's preferences, gave us gourmet trail snacks, and was a delightful companion. He safely guided us up a long inclined slab, to reveal wide desert vistas and a surprising pool of water glimmering below us. We plan to return for another hike with this fine guide.

Fred D.

I have had the priviledge of enjoying several adventures with Ethan, in the mountains, desert, or coastline. He is a calm, knowledgeable leader. He has dealt with groups of experienced outdoors people to beginners. You can't go wrong with him. If you have an idea you might like to try with your group, ask him.

Ian J.

Ethan is one of those people that makes life awesome. His enthusiasm is infectious, as is his love for the desert wonders of J Tree. After spending a day scrambling through Joshua Tree boulderfields with Ethan, all I can think about is going back to explore that playground!

Dania A.

My husband and I were lucky enough to have Ethan for a guided hike and scramble over the New Years holidays in Joshua Tree. I expected to have a really great time (which we did), but what I didn't expect was to have the way I feel about nature so changed and I attribute that to Ethan. It wasn't just all of the knowledge he shared with us about the canyon we passed through or the rocks we climbed, but it was also his passion for the landscape which made me feel like I had never really 'seen' the desert before that day. Ethan is a nature whisperer for sure, a true delight!