San Francisco, California

Introduction to San Francisco

with Minea H.

Minea H.

I'm a painter in the city, and giving tours helps to support my work!

San Francisco, for me as a local, is a small-sized city with a whole lot to offer. My tour would take you from the docks of Fisherman's Wharf, where we can experience a vast array of seafood sold right there on the street, up through North Beach, our Little Italy and home to a great afternoon pastry and coffee break, through Chinatown for tea, souvenirs, a taste of the city's history, into the heart of metropolitan downtown.

After visiting any number of store, hotels, or pubs in the area, we could head to the city's latest hot spot for food, music, and culture, and perhaps by now we would be hungry enough for some of the fantastic cuisine this vast neighborhood has to offer. "The Mission" as locals call it, is an adventure waiting to happen, with countless restaurants, bars, and boutiques to suit your individual interests. Doesn't sound like something you would be into?

An alternate tour I offer is a backstreets nature tour that explores the geological beauty of the city. Just ask!

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Minea H.

I am a San Francisco Bay Area artist, working in film as a writer and director. I also love to paint, sing, act, and make music. I was born in San Francisco and was in the famous earthquake of 1989 when I was just one year old. This spawned my love of geology, and I have studied in university some of the geologic complexities of the Bay Area and beyond. I went to college in Santa Cruz and studied Psychology and Creative Writing, but my current, overwhelming passion is travel. I have seen over 20 countries, and lived abroad in three, and visited 24 states in America, and as a result have become more open-minded and open-hearted than ever before. As a dual-Citizen of Finland and the US, I speak Finnish fluently. I am in love with learning about the cultures of the world, and can speak many phrases form many languages and am always wanting to learn more! I love nature and the outdoors and know the secret places they can be found in San Francisco. I go with the flow and love adventure. Full profile Leave a Review

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