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Henry S.

This a trekking adventure through the undiscovered areas of Qamea Island, 'The Jewel of the South Pacific'. Qamea is the 11th largest island in Fiji, although, if you ask people from other parts of Fiji they may have never heard of it. It is an area where few foreigners have ever stepped foot. Be prepared to be culturally and environmentally immersed!

The trip will commence from Matei Airport, Taveuni Island. A driver will be there to meet you at 9:00 am and will provide transfer. At the boat landing of Navakacoa, you will meet your adventure guide (a prince of Qamea) and begin the expedition. The drop point is close to Naivivi village, which is on the edge of a magnificent bay on the east side of the island.

The agenda includes visits to three villages. There are no roads on Qamea, so the villages are linked with jungle tracks. Be prepared for uneven and challenging terrain in the jungle. It will be equalled out by smooth, white sandy beaches. At each village you will trade kava roots for tea/drinks and snacks/lunch with a local family.

The prince will explain how different plants found in the jungle are used for different medicinal and dietary purposes and will also point out any rare parrots and iguanas you may come across. It will be an exciting adventure for those seeking a truly authentic experience!

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