Reviews for Lets Make Street Art Tour of Los Angeles

Andrew E.

5-stars. Experienced the tour during a recent week-long trip to Los Angeles. Found Devin to be both a flexible and accommodating guide and a genuine and friendly human. My driving tour included stops in several neighborhoods - Melrose, Hollywood, Downtown, Arts District, and Silverlake. Discussion featured the history and culture of street art in Los Angeles from gang tags to commissioned murals, classic works to new discoveries. Devin conveyed a lifelong passion for art and pride for his city. The experience provided immense value and served as a great mid-week activity. I recommend the "Let's Make Street Art Tour" for both travelers and residents alike.


I did this tour by car with my mom who was visiting from out of town, and it was an awesome experience for both of us - the highlight of her trip! Devin was incredibly knowledgeable about LA street art, answered all of our random questions, and took us to see some amazing pieces. He was also just a lovely person to spend 3 hours with. I will never look at the streets of LA the same way again! Highly, highly recommended.


We are a family of four from NY and have spent a very exciting afternoon with Devin. He is a great tour guide and we loved taking lots of fun pictures in front of unique and impressive murals in downtown LA. Highly recommend this friendly & knowlagable guide to anyone interested in adventures off the beaten track!


Devin is a great tour guide. In addition to being passionate about street art, he is also very knowledgeable and a talented artist in his own right. We've take street art tours in numerous cities and would rank Devin at the top. Highly recommended!

Jonathan T.

This really was a super tour for us and our three children (from London, England). Not only for the street art that we saw, but also for the areas and aspects of the city which it opened up which we otherwise wouldn't have seen. Devin was accomodating in planning the route around our itinerary and preferences, and even allowed us some time to look at the less cool, filmstar handprints on Hollywood Boulevard. But it was the street art that was the real star attraction. If you think that you have street art in your own city you may well revise that opinion once you have seen what constitutes street art in L.A. It is of a whole different level of ambition, invention and sophistication. This is where the superstars of this art form come to put on their show and some of the large works are literally awe inspiring. At the same time it is some of the smallest works that are the most thought provoking and powerful. What made it all the more engaging was the information that Devin was able to provide on the artists, and history/background/context of each work. He brought the knowledge and insight of an insider - someone who is making street art himself and certainly appreciates some of the logistical challenges that it presents (you should talk to him about different types of ladders) - and mixed it with the reverence and appreciation of an outsider - all overlaid with a very laid back and gently humorous style. Totally fascinating. Very enjoyable. This tour will linger long in the memory. The Thomas family, London, England

Robyn D.

The lovely and gracious Devin, led us on an arresting and authentic adventure from the gritty to the gorgeous visionaries who use their setting as a canvas and create a museum open to everyone. Devin is more than a knowledgable guide, he is an artist who works within the street art community. His understanding of the various artistic styles and deep awareness of the history and philosophy of each artist gave us an enlightened appreciation of Los Angeles street art.

Isabelle D.

We loved our tour in LA with Devin. He is a great guide ! We've learnt a lot, about street art and many other subjects. And, most important, we've had a great time !


Just a great time. I learned a lot, saw a ton, and got loads of great pics. Devin knows secret places, famous places, and everything in between as well as being full of stories about the artists and their work. He was patient while I changed lenses, arranged the tour to make sure we visited places I'd never been, and made the whole experience like hanging out with a friend. Highly recommended!

Elias H.

I only just finished a street art tour with Devin. Absolutely amazing! Devin has a fantastic personality - friendly, likeable, curious, genuine. He showed me numerous sites with jaw dropping street art - main streets, alley ways, on billboards, store buildings, the pavement etc. Hours of viewing and not a single wasted or dull minute. Devin has a wonderful exuberance and love for his craft...his personal story is a highlight. On top of being a very cool guy, Devin is a very talented artist and I had the privilege of seeing some of his art pieces around the city - he was very modest and self critical. Devin engaged with many interesting and diverse characters around the various suburbs and one could easily glean that he loves the local communities and the seemingly every day people with fascinating lives. To call this a street art tour is get a glimpse of the unfiltered side of LA and one couldn't ask for a better and more passionate guide. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on Vayable and seen Devin's tour. If you can, please take the tour and support Devin! You will walk away much richer for the experience.

Josta K.

Yesterday Devin took me on a relaxed ride through Hollywood and Silver Lake to explore some of the street art Los Angeles has to offer. It was an awesome tour, Devin was very knowledgeable about the areas and showed me some mindblowing pieces. And I got to see my first real life Icy and Sot piece. What a surprise! Devin took his time (well appreciated with these temperatures) and safely manoeuvred me around 'the hood'. He showed me a couple of his own art works as well and I hope some day people will venture to LA to see that famous street artist called Devin with his alchemy inspired art. ;) Thanks Devin, it was superb!


Had an excellent tour through L.A. visiting some of the best Street Art out there. Devin is a great guy that showed me an interesting side of L.A. you don't normally see nor notice. I will go back for more with friends next time I’m visiting L.A.!

Marti V.

Devin was a great tour guide! He took us to see some AMAZING street art & was very knowledgeable. We HIGHLY recommend his tour street art tour!!! We will be sure to do it again next time we are in LA (since street art is constantly changing). Thanks for a great afternoon, Devin!