Reviews for Food - Markets, Chocolate & Macaroons

Peter D.

This tour is fantastic! Guillaume is a wonderful tour guide and mixes in a delicious tour of authentic macaroons and chocolate, with a passionate knowledge of French history. He is informative and has a great sense of humor. He made the tour feel like a city walk with a well informed friend. I would recommend this tour to anyone and hope to one day go again.

Jean S.

We spent a delightful morning with Guillaume venturing into parts of Paris we had never been before. Guillaume shared a good historical perspective of Paris in general and of the neighbors we were visiting, as well as taking us to markets and several of his favorite food shops. Guillaume is friendly and warm and provided a wonderful touring experience for us.

Eskil O.

Went with Guillaume on his trip, starting by the metro station. It's a solid tour of the places you'd want to go shopping for food (especially deli) if you lived in the area. There's a fantastic cheese store, great bakeries and specialty markets. He has a connection with some of the store owners, so you get the 15 minute intro and sampling taste (eg. the cheese store one was great!) He'll also tweak and adjust the tour to your interests and wishes, so if you know of something special you'd like to see, bring it up. Ask about the back-alley Armenian restaurant.