A Boat to Surf Fiji

with Henry S.

Henry S.

The surfing reefs off the east coast of Taveuni Island are some of the best Fiji has to offer- especially in the first six months of the year. There are various breaks to choose from and ample time to make your own surf trip, at your own speed and style.

There are 3 main waves to choose between and it is sure that there will be no crowds. The main break is a 120m long right hander. On the other end of this same reef is a shorter but more intense, heavy left hander with a thick heavy often barreling end wedge to boost through when it gets big. The 3rd wave close by is another barreling right, however we class it more for advance surfers only, it has a fast round barrel, and breaks over a shallow coral reef.

All the waves handle anywhere between 1.5ft (1m face) to 10ft (triple over head) none of them ever close out, being reef set up’s they are very consistent, handling all swells and sizes. The consistency for december , january, february March, April, May and june is defiantly the best time of year to come, it has the best swell windows and usually light to off shore winds. In these months surf is possible min of 3 days a week, often more.

Lunch and drinks will be available. Stopping in at a small local eco resort for a break/lunch at some point is fine. And return transfer to Matei Airport will also be provided. Expect to beack mid-late afternoon.

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