Reviews for Offbeat Food and Wine Tour of Rome

Robb C.

A terrific meal out and about with Esther. She took us to two local places where we were treated like old friends. We really didn't even have to order, they just brought out small samplings of many different plates all of which were delicious. Here's a scheduling tip. We went on the Old Rome walking tour with Esther followed by the food tour (2 separate tours but back-to-back) so we worked up a good appetite while learning about Rome and its people. The best part about the tours were learning about day-to-day life in Rome from Esther, a local. We highly recommend touring with Esther.

Matt A.

Esther set up a great food and wine (and beer) tour for us that was unlike other tours available. My friend and I both left feeling we had gotten a nice chance to not only learn about the food culture of Rome, but also learn about many of the cultural nuances and quirks of the Romans. This made the tour special, more intimate, and very enjoyable and informative. Esther was very sweet throughout and might be the first person I've met who smiles more than I do! I would recommend this tour 100% if you want something a little different; it would be impossible to find the same experience in a tour guide book.

William B.

Esther is a charming, interesting guide. She took us to a great wine bar and then to a family run restaurant that's been around since 1931 where we sampled many excellent Roman dishes. We could have gone for gelato afterwards, but were too full to do so. If you are looking to experience a bit of Rome outside the touristy areas I highly recommend this tour.

Graham C.

Oh my goodness, the food was SO GOOD that no review could do it justice. Esther is so sweet, fun, and helpful. She took us to a really great restaurant for appetizers and a glass of wine, then we went to a local osteria in her neighborhood. We were the only 'tourists' in the osteria; everyone else was clearly locals, which is always a good sign. The food was the best we had our entire week in Rome. ONE WORD OF ADVICE: Starve yourself for a couple of days before this tour. Do your very best to be STARVING. There is SO. MUCH. FOOD. that no normal human being can eat even half that much. I am normally a HUGE eater, but I had to stop eating halfway through the supper because we'd already had snacks all afternoon on our Jewish Ghetto Walking Tour with Esther. To be honest I was already full after our "Appetizer" outing, and before the Progressive Dinner even started (which consisted of bread, wine, about 5 appetizers, 2 heaping bowls of homemade pasta, a 'main course meat' dish, and then 5 desserts). I would recommend pacing yourself, as you eat, because you will be astonished at the sheer amount of food they bring out for you to taste and try. I wish I had been hungrier, but that's the only 'negative' of this tour. Totally worth every penny and I highly recommend. Thank you Esther!

Susie W.

This was the best tour we had taken in Italy. It was also the best meal during our entire trip! Esther is like having a friend in Italy. She is amazing. She is so personable and very sweet....always smiling. We chose the Roman Food option and she coordinated an excellent appetizer place with drinks. Then on to the main event.....the restaurant in Monteverde was outstanding. The food kept coming. We tried so much variety and food it was wonderful. I now know the definition of gluttony :) The restaurant owners were very attentive to Esther/our party and went out of their way to make us feel like one of the regulars. If you do nothing else....take this tour! Bon Appetito! Thanks again for a fabulous time Esther.

Jane W.

I booked this tour to follow the Aventine Hill tour, and at the end of the day felt as if I had experienced the Rome of the people who live and work there. Esther introduced me to a wonderful place for "aperitivo" (the Italian custom of a drink and small bites of food before their later dinner) and then a lively restaurant in a less crowded but beautiful neighborhood of Rome across the Tiber. I will forever remember the people I met, and I would not have returned home with these memories without the expert help of Esther and her tour itinerary. She will customize the tour just for you. It was a dream working with her.