Assisi, Italy

Local Culture and History Tour

with Elna B.

Elna B.

Assisi has a great historical and artistic heritage that cannot help but inspire others to create. It's a special place, and Elna will truly bring you into her life. She is an artist (icons) and also an author of a book about her stay in Assisi.
"We will take an evening local culture experience, sitting down for a dinner and discussing life in Assisi as well as local things to do.

The next morning, we will do a walking tour around town, where we will see some of my favorit sights and discuss historical and cultural heritage. You will feel the peacefulness of this special place. You will also be able stop by my studio!

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Elna B.

My life have been occupied with work and a big family. My interest is creativity, studies about life and life have push me to be more aware about my own life. I like to meet people, to share and to tell about my passions. In Denmark I had a vision to go to Assisi. First I thought that would be for half a year, but I am still here. My home is here, my soul home. been a long inner, wonderful travel to stay here. Full profile Leave a Review

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