Reviews for Paris Night Photography Tour

Phyllis C.

Spent 3 great hours with Alexander B in Paris Jan 5th. I learned a lot about the advanced settings on my camera and how to apply them to different lighting situations. Alexander showed me how to take my photos to the 'next' level, Painting with flash was fun and has a lot of potential in other locations. It was well worth the time and money to get better images of Paris at night, and I can use that info in all my night shots. thanks, Alexander.


This photo tour was my favorite activity in Paris. Alexander took the time to learn our skill levels and what we wanted to accomplish - then made sure we hit our objectives. We focused on the hit the best spots around the Louvre and the river. We learned some technical tools and also creative ones. You will learn and enjoy your time with Alexander - no matter your skill level.


That's really great tour!

Marlyn S.

Our group of 4 had a wide span of photographic experience (novice with point-and-shoot camera bought for this vacation to intermediate photographers with DSLRs) and age range (17 years up to 66 years!). We all had a wonderful experience with Alexander and his associate, Jo, during the Paris Night Photography tour. They customized the tour to each member of our group. We all agreed that we learned a lot about how to use our cameras, composition, and even some hints on processing from them! Highly recommended for those who want to make pictures rather than just take them.


Fantastic night with Alexander, an eccentric genius who comes out at night to turn average photography skills into something wonderful. I learnt more in a single evening than I did on an entire previous photography course. Warning: do not turn up with your camera in auto mode. That would be like asking Picasso to finger paint. Beautiful pics, a fun evening and lots learnt. Tick, tick, tick. Thanks Alexander.


I do not know what to write about it all.... I admire you and I guess I am little jealous!

Janet N.

I decided to take a night photography tour in Paris to learn how to do night photography which was a new skill for me. That night I met Alexander for my tour and was delighted to discover that this would be a 3 hour private lesson. Alexander spent some time with me determining what my skill level was in photography. He did challenge me to figure our=t what I could on my own, but by the end of the evening I had learned a lot and came away with some awesome photos. I had looked at some other groups offering photo tours, but I am glad I chose this company for their Paris Night Photography Tour. The price was very reasonable for 3 hours of private learning. I would definitely recommend this group if you are considering a photo tour of Paris. Jan N.


Outstanding experience - Alexander was very knowledgable, took me to great locations quickly and provided excellent guidance and teaching to help me get the shots I wanted in a very efficient manner. Highly recommended!!!

William W.

I took a seven day vacation to Paris with my girlfriend, and the night photography tour we took with Alexander was the highlight of our trip. We both do photography professionally, and yet still learned several awesome new techniques. Alexander takes a personalized approach so that you really get what you want out of the session instead of some cookie cutter experience. He showed us multiple breathtaking locations where we captured amazing photos, and cool techniques we've utilized several times since. Don't hesitate, do it. It was a fantastic experience.

Jeremiah J.

I scheduled a night photography tour with only 5 days notice. They didn't initially have the people to do it and asked if I was flexible with the date - unfortunately I wasn't as I was there for work and couldn't rearrange my schedule. They were able to rearrange their schedules to fit me in. Caspar was my tour guide. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and fun to be around. He was early to our meeting spot and brought a very heavy duty tripod for me to use. We first had coffee and he asked me what I wanted to learn that night. He went through some great material to figure out where I was with my photography knowledge and then he totally customized the experience to fit my needs. I have been doing photography for over 15 years and I am very knowledgable with how to use my equipment. He quickly adapted the experience to fit my needs and teach me new things. What Caspar showed me was how to apply some additional artistic details to improve my photography. The results were amazing. Don't worry if you just bought your first camera - they have the materials, knowledge and patience to help you get some great pictures and teach you a lot. No matter what your skill set is, you will definitely learn something, have fun and come home with great pictures. My entire experience was nothing but positive and I highly recommend this tour!

Christy T.

Alexander was an excellent instructor/guide for this tour. He met with me first to discover what background my photography experience stemmed from, and what I hoped to accomplish with the tour and customized it from there. When I discovered I'd left my tripod plate in my hotel he had one to loan me, and saved the night, literally!! He was professional, entirely knowledgable, and it was well worth the money and time. I think if you are looking to clinch "that one shot" while you're visiting Paris, booking this tour with this group is the way to ensure that happens. I will, without hesitation, refer any of my other friends travelling to Paris to this tour and Alexander and his colleagues. Thanks again Alex for a great photography experience- I came away from this feeling not only had I learned something, but also to be coming home with images I am proud of. *****HIGHLY RECOMMEND**

Lanny H.

It was delightful to meet William Lounsbury and indeed an enjoyable night taking exquisite photographs with William's guidance. I am not much in technical, yet the basics that William has explained are helpful. And we dare to be different, to take different pictures with a new perspective of theme. The photo tour session went very fast, and a big thank you to Alex and William putting this together for all our lovers of photography. Best regards, Lanny