Thousand Oaks, California

Ride the Wildwood Experience

with Ramon D.

Ramon D.

Bike the experience and see the old backdrop of Bonaza. Ride up to Lizard rock on sunset. There is always the view of the ocean on a clear day on the mountain top. Ride up to Paradise Falls, cool off at Wildwood TeePee, or check out the Indian Cave. Believe it or not you can do this all on a bike within an hour and half. I can personally guide you. I live within 1 block of the trails. I've ran the trails in the morning, but I prefer to bike.

Your choice of bike level. Early in the morning or later to see the sunset. Rides are 1 hour and half depending upon riding ability.
Single track and fire road.

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Ramon D.

I live in Thousand Oaks and work in Oxnard at St. Johns Regional Medical Center in the Cath. Lab. My job is very stressful at times dealing w/ heart attack patients. So in my spare time I love to mountain bike Wildwood Canyon. I know the canyon like the back of my hand because I usually run it in the morning and watch the sun rise or bike it before sunset. The nice thing about the location is that it my backyard. One block away. This area is the perfect stress relieve for my body, heart, and soul. Take Action: Goals are nothing without action. Don't be afraid to get started. Just do it. - IBD #3 Full profile Leave a Review

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