Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, It’s Not What You Think

with Andrea R.

Andrea R.

In reality, Baltimore is a small city that hosts a gigantic past and a diversity of people. It is a city of immigration, railroad barons, art museums, two professional sports teams, thrift stores, underground artists, premier hospitals, lacrosse, unique neighborhoods and architecture and green spaces. In Baltimore, the possibilities are boundless.
To that end, we will start off with a telephone or email conversation before you arrive in Baltimore. At that time, we can discuss what you think you might like to do or I can provide you with ideas of how to spend your time here. With that information, I can prepare a perfect experience for you.
Once you arrive, we will go on a 2-3 hour tour. We will be on foot for most of the time but can jump on a bus if necessary. It is important to know that you will be surprised by Baltimore. I look forward to sharing the town with you.

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Andrea R.

Currently, I work in the suburbs as an elementary school Spanish teacher. However, not so long ago, I worked as a Community Outreach Educator for a wonderful (and free of charge!) museum. I conducted tours for the city of Baltimore and learned that I love working with tourists and with careful planning, sharing with them something I learned from my research and experiences. As a tourist myself, I enjoy the discovery of a place organically, in an authentic way, with someone who is from there. Truth be told, Baltimore is often portrayed as a dangerous and dank place and I am tired of that. Through my museum work, I got to go into fantastic neighborhoods and see the people of Baltimore in the best light. The sights and sounds of Baltimore may be difficult to charter on your own; that is why a Vayable tour is a good deal. Full profile Leave a Review

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